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Alan Simons
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“Is there no end to this madness?”

I extend sincere wishes to those of you who have lost a loved one during 2019.

Some years ago I wrote about losing a loved one in one of my published books, Eighteen Months-A Love Story Interrupted.  I said: “It’s been written that when a person dies, his or her spirit lives in those who remember. Our tradition is very specific in providing us with ways of remembering our loved ones. In addition, our tradition does not allow us to forget those who have died. Finding an appropriate way of honouring and remembering the dead is one of the goals of the mourning process.”

Last week on a social media site I added a quote from “Anyone who has lost a loved one knows that you don’t recover. Instead, you learn to incorporate their absence and memories into your life and channel your emotional energy towards others and eventually your grief will walk beside you instead of consuming you.”

I asked readers to comment on the two statements and comment they did! The outpouring of remarks was extraordinary. Be it a family member or a friend, the response crossed all lines and showed the empathy we have towards our loved ones who have died. To express our love to those close to us is one thing. To express it on social media and be identified with one’s name, opens a new passage in our private life.

“Is there no end to this madness?”

In too many parts of the world, we have also experienced hate and intolerance resulting in death to our brothers and sisters of all religious persuasions. Be it the mass shootings of young innocent school children in the USA to the massacres of Christian farming communities in Nigeria, it surely affects us.

As 2019 comes to its conclusion, as Christian and Jews celebrate their individual religious holidays, regardless as to wherever you are in the world, let us give some thought and consideration to those of us who, this year, have lost a loved one.

I know I will!

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Simons is an author, writer and social advocate. He publishes an online international news service, now in its 15th year, dealing with issues relating to intolerance, hate, antisemitism, Islamophobia, conflict, and terrorism, as well as an online community news site. As a diplomat, he served as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Rwanda to Canada, post-genocide era. He has lectured and designed courses in the areas of therapeutic management, religion in politics, and communications. He has just published his fifth book.
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