Is victimhood a Jewish value?

According to the online ‘free dictionary’ one of the definitions of the word ‘victim,’ is “One who is harmed or killed by another.”

It is no secret that Jews have been victimized throughout world history. From ancient Egypt, to the Spanish Inquisition, the pogroms, and the Holocaust, millions of Jews have been murdered for their beliefs and heritage.

While the birth of the modern State of Israel certainly did not quell Anti-Semitism, the organization of a highly armed and astute Jewish army (under G-d) should lay to rest any notion that the Jewish Nation will ever again march like sheep to the slaughter.

That being said – even with an army and with a State, for some reason, we Jews can’t get enough of being the victim. Take a look at another definition of the word ‘victim,’ from the same source mentioned above:

A person who suffers injury, loss, or death as a result of a voluntary undertaking.” 

For reasons that I can’t wrap my head around, in Israel today, Jews seem to have accepted a fate of suffering voluntarily.

Are we’re self-hating? Flat out imbeciles? Or maybe it’s more than that – maybe the whole notion of being the victim is embedded in our DNA’s and we just can’t help ourselves?

Whatever the reasons – and let me make it crystal clear, this phenomenon certainly hasn’t enveloped all of us, but overall we are making our own beds, and will have to sleep in them until (God forbid) we are murdered in our sleep.

Here are my proofs – while Israel is entrenched in US brokered peace talks with the PA, several PA officials have threatened to return to terror should they not get their way in the negotiations.

(For the record – terror has never subsided, in fact in 2013, there were twice as many attacks in Judea and Samaria – 1,271, up from 578, the year before.)

First at the end of January, Tawfiq Tirawi, a member of Fatah’s Central Committee said that:

Negotiations with Israel will lead to “zero results” if not fortified by armed resistance, adding that the first signs of a new Palestinian uprising have already begun to appear on the ground.

Tirawi explains:

“Negotiations will bring us nothing … we, all Palestinian factions, must return to the cycle of action. When we will do this, many things will change.”

Asked what he meant by the cycle of action, Tirawi clarified he was speaking of “resistance in all of its forms.”

“Steadfastness is also resistance, negotiations are also a form of resistance, but there must be something on the ground as well … weapons, popular resistance, there are 100 methods to resist.”

Several days later Jibril Rajoub, a senior Fatah official, said:

“Fatah has not abandoned the option of “armed resistance” if the peace talks with Israel fail.

“The year 2014 is the year of decision; we either go to a state or to a confrontation,” Rajoub said. “The confrontation would be on three fronts: launching and escalating resistance; boycotting and isolating Israel; and halting all forms of normalization [with Israel] on the political, academic, trade and economic levels.”

The option of resistance remains a strategic option for the Palestinians, he said.

“The option of armed resistance is also on the table,” he added.

It’s not that we’re not listening to what our partners (see Trojan horse enemies) are saying: last week Strategic affairs minister Yuval Steinitz called PA head Mahmoud Abbas “the world’s most anti-Semitic leader.”

“There is no doubt that Abu Mazen [Abbas] is now worthy of the title of the number one anti-Semitic leader in the world,” Steinitz said as he addressed the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv at the end of its two-day annual conference.

“One has to call a spade a spade. The level of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incitement has reached new heights,” he said.

“Not just against Israel, but against Jews, there is no other leader in the world who is inciting to such a degree…”

Abbas our “partner,” the MOST anti-Semitic leader in the world? That would mean he’s worse than the Iranian Mullahs, as well as the leaders of Hezbollah, and the heads of Hamas occupied Gaza.

So two senior officials representing our “peace partners” threaten us with yet another war of terror, and the leader of the group himself is a flaming anti-Semite, yet somehow according to our Defense Minister, Ya’alon in today’s news, the talks will continue???

The defense minister, who has expressed deep skepticism about chances of success in the Kerry-led negotiations, said that “despite the gaps, we support a continuation of negotiations with the Palestinians.”

I can’t explain this madness. We are listening, we absorb the information, and yet we carry on business as usual.

I have yet to find any sources indicating that Jews must value or perpetuate our roles as victims. But it continues. If this sick mentality doesn’t change, we will once again very very soon suffer the consequences.

About the Author
Joshua Hasten is the International Spokesperson for Gush Etzion. He is host of the weekly “Israel Uncensored” radio broadcast on The Land of Israel Network, as well as an international Middle East Correspondent in print and on television. Joshua is also a sought-after speaker around the world. His workshops and lectures on pro-Israel advocacy have impacted thousands. Joshua was the CAMERA organization’s 2009 Letter Writer of the Year, and is a member of the Judea and Samaria Speaker’s Bureau. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, he resides in Gush Etzion, Israel.
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