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ISIL’s unholy warriors: apocalypse unleashed

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is the equivalent of a malignant cancer that has been allowed to metastasize.

The fickle nations of the world have mostly stood by, given their collective military might, and watched ISIL’s slaughter.

The Islamic State’s sales pitch is much like the fabled snake-oil salesmen of the American West who promised a cure to whatever ails people.

In ISIL’s case, it is peddling an apocalyptic tincture of death in the form of propaganda recruitment videos that feature ISIL’s unholy “heroes”.

Soundtracks are chosen to reach the inner jihadist that ISIL claims to beat in every “true” Muslim heart. It’s the “holy” call of jihad. One that tortures and murders children.

Some of the productions are evil latter-day Nazi-esque masterpieces. If not for the seriousness of the issue, one could be forgiven for judging the videos as farcical.

The truth is far from comical, however. ISIL murders in the most-horrific of ways — including crucifixion, fire and drowning.

Its “brave” fighters rape young girls and women and call it “marriage.” Rape is not brave. It’s an abomination.

ISIL enslaves men, women and children and even sells them as if they are commodities; conducts mass executions; throws gay men off buildings; murders adherents of religious minorities; beheads prisoners in public places — often with jeering crowds; and cuts off the hands and feet of young boys who refuse to join its genocidal ranks. Ah, nothing like the “holy” call of jihad!

The Islamic State targets culture when it blows up mosques, shrines and ancient ruins; and when it destroys ancient artifacts. After all, ISIL is the most noble of all states in the world. That’s why its “justice system” has “legalized” rape and slavery.

ISIL’s leader has been compared to Genghis Khan, but it’s a false comparison because Khan at least encouraged religious tolerance and advocated a meritocracy.

ISIL’s legacy is rubble and broken lives. Its unholy assassins besmirch their own religion and dishonor their own Prophet.

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