Last night, a coalition of countries, led by the US, began bombing ISIS sites in Syria.For the last three years, over 200,000 Syrians have been butchered in the Civil War. Let that sink in for a minute: 200,000 people’s lives cruelly ended. Of those 200,000, over 11,000 are children. Of that 11,000. 1500 were killed by sarin gas.

As an international community, we have FAILED the Syrians. We have stood by and watched this happen. We should have been screaming from Washington to Moscow “STOP THIS”, but we did not. We should have done something, instead of turning our heads.

Oh wait, one country DID do something to help the Syrians. One country took in refugees, gave them free healthcare, fed them etc and so on. One country set up field hospitals for Syrians. One country did not ask for anything in return.

Israel has shown a concern for the Syrians that no other country has. Israel has done more to HELP the Syrians than all other countries combined. Maybe we could all learn something from that tiny strip of land.

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