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Islamic State Bride is Unrepentant Bigot, Wants to Come Home

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“Jihadi bride wants baby on NHS” was the front-page headline in Metro, the free London, England newspaper on February 15, 2019.  It refers to Shamima Begum, aged 19, who in 2015 made her way with two girl-friends to Syria, to become a bride of one of the theological psychopaths who made up the army of the Islamic State.

The initial view from Metro was clearly in favour of letting an unreconstructed and unreformed Muslim fascist return to Britain, and one assumes that thereafter, her killer-husband would likewise be permitted to immigrate to Britain under the guise of family reunification.

In the first four paragraphs the newspaper attempts to pull at our heart-strings by informing us that:

1)      She is heavily pregnant

2)      Has already lost two babies to illness

3)      Her mother wept when they spoke by phone

4)      Her family is sad that she is now in a refugee camp with her husband

In the following two paragraphs she describes herself as being ‘unfazed’ by the sight of the severed human heads of captive prisoners, and, that she lost faith in Islamic State over the killing of fellow Muslims.

So, let us be clear – we have an unrepentant Muslim extremist who made a journey of some 4,500 kilometres (2,800 miles) from London to Syria to make her bed, literally and metaphorically, with other Muslims who share a belief system that is so extreme it has many similarities to Nazism.

Let us begin by exploring these similarities:

According to Wikipedia, Fascism is defined as “a form of radical authoritarian ultra-nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy.”

What defined Nazism was the added ‘bonus’ of extreme nationalism self-defined by its pan-Germanic brother-hood based on an idealised nativist philosophy (the peasantry, in their poverty and debasement are romanticised as the bedrock of the nation).  It was strongly influenced by a paramilitary culture that fed the party its cult of violence.  Violence was viewed, intellectually and in practice as liberating, redemptive.

Thomas Mann, before the ascent of Nazism described war as “a mystic synthesis of might and spirit;” – purification through violence.

The Islamic State whether known as ISIL, ISIS or a reborn Muslim Brotherhood, or even al-Qaeda’s rejected theology, encompassed all the above ideologies.  But at its simplest it is a radical, revivalist (Seventh Century), puritanical form of Sunni Islam.

Again, according to Wikipedia, it “promotes religious violence and regards Muslims who do not agree with its interpretations as infidels or apostates.”  Purification of Islamic society is needed to return the faithful to a position whereby they can conquer all human society.  The group emphasises its “End of Days” eschatology (theology) i.e. the defeat of infidel humanity. If the apocalypse is to occur “all non-Muslim areas would be targeted for conquest after the Muslim lands were dealt with.” As German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer noted “all religions who agree with democracy have to die,” “there was incredible enthusiasm” – including enthusiasm for killing “hundreds of millions” of people.

Poor little Shamima Begum would like to return to Britain because her slave keeping, mass rapist and genocidal Islamic Army has been defeated (for now) and therefore the second phase of her war must be to reintegrate into British Society (at our expense) where she may (Allah willing) continue her war against us all.

If I sound harsh, I am being deliberately unsympathetic for good reason.  I have history and psychology on my side. After World War 2, allied nations, led by America, undertook to impose a de-Nazification program on the defeated and captive German enemy.  It was spectacularly unsuccessful for several reasons.  People will say or do anything to return to a situation of normality.  And if ‘normality’ means sounding remorseful and expressing sadness for their victims’ fate, they will publicly do so while privately changing, not one jot.

Some decades after the termination of the program a large-scale survey was undertaken to gauge the success (!) of the Denazification program.  The results should not have shocked anyone.  Someone who, from an early age, was indoctrinated with the Nazi ideology remained a believer in that ideology, throughout their lives.  This was despite their post defeat awareness of the consequences for Europe of National Socialism’s death squads, concentration camps and genocide.

The Jesuits (as early as the sixteenth century), are alleged to have stated that “Give me a child for his first seven years and I will give you the man” (or woman).  Any person who is brought up within an ultra-conservative (or even radical-Left wing), pathologically prejudiced, theological tradition (and some Left-wing ideologies resemble secular theologies) will gravitate towards people of a similarly close-knit, religiously observant community.

To paraphrase Martin Buber, Shamima Begum celebrated her induction into Islamic State as “a liberating, quasi-redemptive communal experience.”  Its defeat is a temporary set-back in a war that has been ongoing for fourteen hundred years and so, she is incapable of renouncing it. 

Shamima Begum and her BFF travelled, at age 15, to Syria because they already embraced a political and religious ideology that is both universal and exclusive.  Anyone may join, but the penalty for digression is death.  She will not renounce the ideology.

You cannot reason with her kind of prejudice. Its stench is all corrupting. That she now would like to ‘come home’ when she will readily admit that home is within the extremist, head lopping fringe that is the Islamic State Ummah, is frightening.  Because she will infect whoever she meets, no matter what she may say to the Western infidel media.

There is no morality, no guilt association, and no ethical questioning displayed by Shamima Begum or any of the many hundreds of her associates waiting to return to Western nations. President Trump’s unhelpful suggestion that they should all be permitted to return to their ‘home’ nations is, without reservation, unhelpful and symptomatic of a frightening deficit in his knowledge of human society.  Shamima Begum may or may not have used a rusty knife or a rifle, in anger, but in her embrace of a genocidal ideology she saw and still sees nothing wrong in murdering someone who is different to her, in fact, she celebrated it.  Her return to the UK will become a rallying point for every Islamic State wannabe; comforted by the knowledge that they will always be supported by the state they seek to destroy, if their endeavours fail.

There are many people whose natural sympathy for this person extends to lecturing us all about the green shoots of modern adult-hood being smothered by people who do not believe (as they do) that we should reduce the Age of Majority (and therefore, the right to vote) to the age of 16.    But here’s the thing. Many people claim, maturity and the legal age of adulthood must be closer aligned to the era in which we now live.   We are all, according to one modern view of our society, more knowing and more developed than in previous generations. But if that is true, then being ‘just 15 years of age’ is no impediment to Shamima Begum, taking responsibility for her beliefs and her actions.

 A society that does not protect itself from the Beast will be consumed by the beast.  After four years living the wife of a Jihadi Bride, she remains a committed Muslim proto-Nazi.   Keep her away from us.

Update: In her latest celebrity interview Shamima Begum named her new born baby son after one of the Muslim prophets’ Arab generals celebrated for his brutality.

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