Israel a world power? Learn to live with it and love it

The fact is Israel has become a world power, a nation not to be treated lightly. Yet, present day Israel bears little resemblance to Hasmonean Judah. Today ancient Carthage, a small Mediterranean nation that projected great power through its military and economic might, is a better comparison.

And Carthage didn’t shy away from confronting its main rival…Rome. Actually, Israel is quite a bit larger than Carthage was. Today Israel’s enemies such as Iran seek the same outcome as Rome visited upon that ancient kingdom. However, Israel has other enemies, too, cosseted within friendly nations.

The UK Labour Party seems to be ripe with anti-Israel sentiments lately, all of which play into the dogmatic Arab narrative that there shouldn’t be a Jewish state in the Middle East. Yet, attempts by certain European and American interests to isolate Israel are failing and will continue to fall short because as with some giant US banks and corporations, little Israel has become too big to fail.

The fact that no major nation’s government has followed the BDS movement in advocating a ban on Israel shows more how important the country is rather than how fair the international community is acting.

Amid the chaos, instability and massive bloodshed in the Middle East, even with the ever present danger of terrorist attacks, Israel remains an oasis of civility, order, prosperity and diversity while a war rages on right next door.

So Israel, it’s time to stop worrying about what other nations and people think of you. The fact is, Israel you’re small nation fighting way above your weight and against unrelenting enemies. And another fact is you’re now a world power and many people in power know and fear that fact of life.

If the UN and Europe jumps on you its partly because you’re the only credible and accountable nation in the region. The current perceived anti-Semitism in the UK Labour Party is partly based on the lefties inability cope with the sense of betrayal that Jews, once the eternal underdogs, have given them by rising above their station to become winners and power brokers.

This coupled with Israel’s right-wing government gives the Labour Party a rationale for its contempt. Remember until the mid 1970s Israel was firmly under the control of its liberal Labour Party, allied to UK Labour. That’s no longer the case.

When Prime Minister Netanyahu told President Obama “no” to the Iran nuclear deal he was saying Israel knows what’s best for Israel, not America. Whether or not you like Bibi, he’s charting a course for a nation that more and more can stand on its own feet and adheres to it own priorities, not those of its allies.

If we are to believe what most sources claim, Israel has a large stockpile of nuclear weapons, long range missiles and now a modern submarine fleet that I’m sure will be equipped to carry these alleged nukes. What it means is the nation of David has become a major player in the select nuke club of nations.

The way any nation gains respect in this world is by projecting its humanity and its power. That’s what the US and UK have long done post WW2. The UN’s endless array of absurd and biased anti Israel declarations mean little when compared to the 13 Nobel Prizes won by Israelis and the speedy earthquake relief the country provided to Haiti, Nepal and now Japan and Ecuador. Compare this to the lack of similar aid offered by the wealthier Arab countries whose main exports seem to be jihadists and refugees fleeing jihadists during the bloody civil wars currently engulfing the Middle East.

When I hear of people such as George Galloway and Naz Shah hurling insults at Israel I ask myself: How many Israelis or Jews have been suicide bombers? How many Israelis or Jews have issued fatwas on non believers? How many honor killings happen in Israel? Who has declared a jihad against the West? And against who are the western nations currently battling? Certainly not Israel.

Here are some interesting stats: From the 1920 roots of this endless conflict when rioting Arabs in Palestine killed 6 Jews until the present, 96 years later, a total of 116,100 Jews and Arabs have been killed in all the Arab-Israel wars and clashes combined. Yet, taking in just the past five years of only the Syrian and Iraq conflicts mainly pitting Arabs against Arabs an estimated 350,000 people have been killed. And it’s reasonable to speculate that toll will top 500,000 before the fighting stops.

The past five years of the Syrian and Iraq conflicts have dwarfed the Palestinian exodus with 5 million refugees fleeing those countries and at least 5 million more displaced within those countries.

It’s a bit ironic as millions of Arabs flood into Europe, that these are of the same people who fought so hard to keep Jewish refugees from establishing a refuge in Palestine. Yet after Israel was created, these same nationalities drove hundreds of thousands of Jewish residents from Arab countries. But, in this case they found a safety and a homeland in Israel.

What people like Red Ken, mad George and most Muslims can’t accept is the fact Israel is not going to dissolve. It’s here to stay and should be respected as the mini superpower it has become. Any nation with enough fire power and delivery systems that can wipe-out much of the world is a power to respect. This is something Russia’s Vladimir Putin understands.

As for the Palestinian issue, there won’t be a two state solution or any peace with the Palestinians until the Arab League accepts previous resolutions from the UN and League of Nations designating a Jewish homeland in Palestine and the PLO disbands or at least kills its charter.

So, to end this commentary, here’s a question for Ken and anyone, for that matter: If you wound up arrested for any crime in the Middle East, in which Middle East country would you hope you had been arrested?

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