Israel: A year in the life

The Israeli flag. (Courtesy)
The Israeli flag. (Courtesy)
In the grand tapestry of time, one year may seem like a mere stitch, a single thread weaving its way through the vast expanse of history. Yet, for Israel, this past year—the 365 days since the November 1, 2022 election—has been an unforgettable tempest, etching its presence in the annals of our nation’s story. The worst year in our country’s history.
In the crucible of this year, we’ve weathered storms of strife and unrest, facing head-on the harsh realities of a nation divided by hate and confronted by the unrelenting spectre of division. Our social fabric frayed at the edges, and the wounds of political rifts ran deep. It seemed, at times, that we were at the precipice of despair, teetering on the brink of a seemingly unbridgeable divide.
And then, now, we found ourselves standing in the shadow of unimaginable death, destruction and sorrow, where the weight of grief and loss bears down upon us with a crushing force. We have experienced the departure of loved ones and the loss of beautiful smiling faces we never knew. Their absence now forever etched in our memories as an irreplaceable void that can never be filled.
But, history teaches us that time has a unique way of testing a nation’s mettle. It has a knack for revealing the indomitable spirit that resides within the hearts of its people. Indeed, “The darkest hour has only sixty minutes,” and it is in those darkest hours that the strength of a nation, the resilience of its people, and the power of unity shine bright.
While the past year may have felt like a never-ending cycle of discord, we stand today resolute. We refuse to surrender to the chaos and animosity that have gripped our land. Instead, we choose to rise above it. We choose unity over division, hope over despair, and solidarity over strife.
In the face of adversity, Israel’s true character reveals itself. We have endured and thrived through hardships and challenges that would have broken lesser nations. From the founding of our state to the present day, we’ve demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our shared destiny. We’ve transcended time and circumstance to chart a path towards a shared future.
As we reflect on this one-year anniversary, let it serve as a reminder that the arc of history is long and unpredictable. It carries with it moments of trial and triumph, of despair and hope. Our nation’s journey is not defined solely by the past year but by the centuries of stories, struggles, and successes that precede it. We draw strength from that legacy.
Today, we refuse to be defined by the trials of the past, but rather, we let them guide us toward the future. We are Israel, a nation forged in the crucible of history and together, we will shape the chapters yet to be written. For the arc of our history surely bends towards justice, unity, resilience, and hope.
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Raoul Wootliff is Head of Strategic Communications at Number 10 Strategies, an international strategic, research and communications consultancy. He was formerly the Times of Israel's political correspondent and producer of the TOI Daily Briefing podcast.
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