Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Israel and the world

There are two approaches: To be afraid of the world, or to not be afraid.

Let’s imagine the mindset of someone who is afraid. The world is a scary place. We are surrounded by enemies. There are many antisemites. We rely on the outside world for sustenance, armaments, influence etc. We have to listen and obey what they say, especially the U.S. If we don’t, we are in trouble. We have to do Camp David agreements. We have to do Oslo agreements. We have to do Madrid agreements. We have to give the Palestinians land and autonomy. We have to withdraw from Gaza. We have to give Palestinians a state, even after October 7. Because if we don’t do all these things, then Western powers will withdraw their support, and we can’t dare let that happen, or our existence is in peril. Forget the idea that G-d gave us Israel. Forget what the generals say that from a military point of view, we need Sinai and Gaza and the West Bank in order to provide a buffer, and to strengthen our security. Forget all of it. Because we need to find favour in the eyes of America and Europe and the whole world. We need to take chances, even if it can lead to terrorism. We can trust the Palestinians, that if we give them more money, more land, more economic help, that they will finally be happy. We are afraid. It’s a scary world, and we need to listen to what the world says and demands.

Now let’s imagine the mindset of someone who is not afraid of the world: I fear no one but G-d. We can trust in Him to protect us, and we need to obey His commandments, including to not give away any land, because it can open the whole country to the enemies. As for America and the others, King Solomon said that the heart of a king is in G-d’s hand. Everything that happens in this world, happens by Divine providence. Everything is controlled by G-d. We need to obey and trust in Him, not in Western leaders. Because G-d is the King of all kings, and our safety and security depends on Him. If America gives us money or armaments, or defends us, it’s because G-d wants them to. So if there is a conflict between what a U.S. president wants, and what G-d wants, it’s no contest. Because it all depends on Him. And when we trust in Him, we are trusting in the Ultimate Power.

The trust in G-d is growing. Since October 7, we see the trust and strengthened connection between the Jewish people and G-d, and between one Jew and another. The trust is growing. and very soon it will blossom into a world where all nations will realize, that G-d is the Master of the world.

The trust is growing, including the trust that Moshiach and Redemption is very close.

The trust is growing. Fear of the world is dissipating. The future looks bright.

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