Israel as a nation is one BIG פרייר (fryer) for the Hamas

This post is written to Israelis like me. If you don’t live in Israel, you’re welcome to read this but just understand who I’m addressing before going on…

What is wrong with us? We push our ways onto the bus to make sure we are not fryers (suckers) for other Israelis. We don’t want to be taken advantage of in so many other ways too. This is culturally so entirely Israeli that visitors are almost shocked by the pushing and shoving that’s simply our Israeli way of life. Why then are we such a fryer nation for Hamas and our other enemies?

Why do we restrain ourselves from destroying the Hamas and refrain from specified target-killings of their leaders when we could so readily do this by means of a relentless, concerted, sustained military campaign? Okay, maybe it’s very difficult to do this but The IDF/IAF are formidable enough; there’s no question. The answer has to do with the politics of this, the capitulations to both our very few friends abroad and the selfish interests of the Israeli business establishment and the delusional left wing nuts at home who think that giving away the land and better hasbara will bring us peace.

Peace will never come until we destroy the Hamas, dismantle the PA and re-assert control over ill-conceived territorial concessions in many different areas including Gaza, Judea and the Shomron and also in major population centers like Yericho, Ramallah, Shechem and other places ceded under Oslo which treaty the current PA leadership has now abrogated by forming their newest covenant with death: unifying with Hamas. These facts make Oslo null and void.

Also, is anyone stopping to think any of this out loud because we should: What is wrong with us that we are not holding the current Israeli government responsible for the following violations of common sense?

1. Letting murderers go so that Abu Mazen will sit his tuchus down to NOT make peace with us and collect USD 4 billion from Kerry for his trouble and in the process making a complete mockery of our justice system.

2. Continuing to financially, culturally, socially, economically, politically, administratively and civilly support the PA beyond a basic subsistence and humanitarian level now that it in league with Hamas? Somebody tell me why this doesn’t make Israel into a fryer for supporting terrorism. Hmmm? I’m waiting. And don’t tell me we have to do this because we are “occupying” their lands. This isn’t the legal status of our obligation and as Israelis we should know this if we don’t. We should not be getting hoodwinked by special interests who want to expand international treaty norms into this unique and non-normative quagmire that no one but Israelis and our enemies could possibly appreciate.

We need to pull our societal head out of our societal tuchus and stop being suckers for our enemies and fight them until they ‘cry uncle’ once and for all. To accomplish this do-able feat, we need to find them and destroy them even if it needs to be a continual generational enterprise ad infinitum until they surrender. Yes, I’ve heard the arguments that we’re too tired now and that this is no way to live. Tell me, what’s the viable alternative? We’ve tried them all and they have failed. We can’t keep going around in circles with Hamas. We have to definitively deal with them now, especially since we’ve turned the blind eye to their ascendancy.

We need the Hamas and the rest of our enemies to be very afraid of us again. There is no other path to national survival. Our enemies are many and all around us. Jew-hatred is so virulent that I was recently accused of foul play by “pulling out the Jew-hatred card” in an argument that a Jew-hater objected to; it’s beyond the pale of anything we’ve seen in generations.

Unless we stop the madness of believing that if only we could explain ourselves better with better PR, if only we continued to grin and bear the indignities like the poor shtetl-minded Jews who in the last century got onto the cattle trains never to be heard from again, if only we traded away the land that we won through the blood of Jews who were attacked by too many enemies through too many historical accounts to enumerate in this blog post, if only we listened to our so-called friends abroad in their hypocritical pronouncements of this that or the other thing, if only, if only, if only, we could just do the right something or another than the Hamas and our other enemies would stop wishing they could destroy Israel and the Jews. Well, they’ll never stop wishing that because that’s who they are and what they are all about. They’re dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Why aren’t we as dedicated to their destruction? It’s only basic to survival, folks.

Mark my words, dear reader. Unless we wake up as a nation, we will be too sorry for any words of consolation on a day of tragedy like today. The death of our children, the innocent teenagers, Eyal, Gil’ad and Naftali makes my blood boil and I won’t stop being indignant until every Hamas operative is rounded up and their leaders hunted down and summarily executed like the dogs that they are.

May the tragic, senseless martyrdom of three Jewish innocents count for something more than another turn of the newspaper’s page or reading one more enraged blog post. Their death must count for something that fundamentally changes our sick status quo.

May we not turn the other cheek as a nation, once and for all. For the sake of the good memory of these beautiful boys who will never be men, we must not be fryers anymore at all, my beloved countrymen.


Oh, by the way…to anyone reading this who isn’t Israeli or any of you Israeli left wing nuts or you pro-BDS pseudo-friends of Israel who think that today is a good day for constructively critiquing my indignation, please feel free to show your true colors. I would especially enjoy hearing from Jew-haters who live in the EU or Arab-sympathizers from anywhere that your radical Islam has recently infected. Really, please feel free to comment and tell me what you think of me and my survival instincts. Also, you Jews who live in the US who won’t make aliyah…on second thought, your opinion counts about as much as the used toilet paper I flushed after my breakfast this morning.

Can you tell that I’m angry?


About the Author
David Lasoff is an American Jew from Southern California. He made aliyah in May 2012 and is now the director of the department of Applied English Linguistics for the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem. He teaches academic writing and supervises the school's English language learning programs.
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