Israel boycott promoters do not belong in Israel Day Parade or any other Jewish and for Israel activities

Letter to: Alisa R. Doctoroff-UJA president , John Ruskay-UJA CEO , Eric S. Goldstein-UJA CEO Elect , Ronald G. Weiner JCRC , Rabbi Michael Miller ,
March 31, 2014
Alisa R. Doctoroff, UJA president
John Ruskay, UJA CEO
Eric S. Goldstein, UJA CEO Elect
Ronald G. Weiner, President Jewish Community Relations Council Board
Rabbi Michael Miller, Jewish Community Relations Council Board
Subject: Israel boycott promoters do not belong in Israel Day Parade or any other Jewish and for Israel activities


I advise you take a heed because I am spreading the word wide and beyond.

The question I have, “Have NYC, tragically Left leaning, ‘Jewish Leaders’ – but not only the NYC-ers – gone too far?” I say YES; they need their contributors’ money – from the Left, Right, conservatives, liberals and vegetarians – to run their operations, among which is to organize parades and events, but could care less about self respect, dignity, morality, moral compass and genuine support for Israel, the county without which they will not even exist.

Celebrating Israel in NYC-2013
Celebrating Israel in NYC-2013

If we complain they will probably say it is the right of the boycotters and other anti-Israel actions to freedom of speech to boycott Israel’s policy and thus boycotting and promoting boycotting of Israel is acceptable, but, they will claim that these anti-Israel still love the country they want to kill!

Boycotting Jews is an act of anti-Semitism, if you only paid attention to history that ended up killing one of every three Jews alive.
I am told that there is absolutely no consensus among the New York Jewish community, and anywhere else in the USA, to financially support the inclusion of anti-Zionist-anti-Israel elements in activities that are associated with Israel; quite to the contrary. BUT, you, the so-called ‘Jewish leaders,’ continue to invite and subsidize Israel bashers and other BDS movement supporters to take part in ‘for Israel’ and Jewish events. The people you suppose to lead object to your leadership’s behavior, yet, the swagger you are, you do what you do on the people’s dime!

With no shame of your behavior and actions you push as far as you can to accomplish what ends up to be simple indignant shame.
The Israel Day Parade is a celebration of Israel, celebrated by all the supporters of Israel, of whatever creed, and there is no room for people, or groups, who want to do her harm.

The USA Jewish ‘leadership’ have long ago gone way too far and the only way to stop them is through funding. Ending funding them, stopping donating to THEIR causes, not ours, is the goal. And some of the organizations they “lead,” for all I care, can disappear to never emerge again.

Courage is not found in condemning or boycotting Israel. The whole world does that on a daily basis! Courage is found in standing up to all these thugs, anti-Semites, clueless haters!

So from now on we are going to stand up to you, loud and clear. If not, learning from the past, just like in 1930’s-1940’s the USA Jewish leadership was complicit in the making of the Holocaust and from which you have learned absolutely nothing, you are heading to be complicit in weakening Israel and endangering its existence – bring about another Holocaust. Not to mention that you do nothing to preserve and in intact the American Jewry.

Hear us out! We will not let you!

We are going to be active to stop your madness, your insane behavior.

Change your ways; whether you will or not, we will, because we CAN!

Nurit Greenger
Los Angeles, California

About the Author
Nurit is an advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States and the Free World in general and sees Israel and the United States, equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom. Since 2006, she has been writing about events in these two countries. From Southern California, Nurit believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.