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Israel fired upon: civilians head to open bunkers

Smoke rises near the community of Avivim following an anti-tank missile attack from Lebanon on September 1, 2019. (Courtesy)
Smoke rises near the community of Avivim following an anti-tank missile attack from Lebanon on September 1, 2019. (Courtesy)

Anti-tank missiles were fired from Lebanon on Sunday toward northern Israel, according to Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Fortunately there were no casualties and Hezbollah [which is Arabic for “Army of Allah”] a proxy of Iran in Lebanon, took responsibility for the attack.

“A number of anti-aircraft missiles were fired from Lebanon at an IDF base and military vehicles in the area. There are a number of confirmed hits,” the army reported in a statement.

The missile attack was directed at an Israeli base near Moshav Avivim and IDF vehicles less than a kilometer from the Israel-Lebanon border. As a result of the attack, Hezbollah claimed it destroyed an Israeli tank, and the IDF admitted that one of their vehicles was hit but didn’t elaborate as to what type of vehicle it was, or to the extent of damage.

In response, Israel returned fire at targets in southern Lebanon.

Residents up to four kilometers [about 2.5 miles] from the Lebanon border were directed to open bomb shelters or told to remain in their homes, Ynet reported.

This most recent incident comes after an IDF shelling earlier Sunday across the border into Lebanon toward Mount Dov [aka Shebaa Farms]. Fires erupted as a result of an Israeli drone entering Lebanon’s airspace around 11:15 a.m., but there were no reports of injuries, according to Ynet and added that the Lebanese army addressed the incident.

Tensions have intensified in northern Israel since the IDF undertook an operation on terrorists who were preparing to launch a suicide-style drone strike, an operation that was under the command of Qasem Soleimani and was to be launched from Syria.

In response to the threat of Hezbollah, Israel has increased its military strength in the north with troops, aircraft and artillery.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah last week, “Be careful what you say and be more careful what you do.”

Nasrallah wasn’t deterred saying that Israel “must pay a price” for its aggression, which, of course, is in self-defense. If it was up to Hezbollah, and most of the Middle East, Israel would not be allowed to defend itself from those countries that surround it and want to see it destroyed.

World Israel News reported that “[S]urprise military checkpoints popped up on roads in the north on Sunday. Residents must provide proof of identity in order to pass through them.” WIN added that IDF Spokesman Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis, who was to step down on Tuesday, has decided to extend his service for now.

There is no doubt that Hezbollah seeks the total destruction of Israel and there looks as if there is no end in sight to the violence.

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