Israel Independent day celebration in Bahrain

The journey of the Israeli independence day celebration in Bahrain started with a call from the Israeli ambassador to Bahrain Mr. Eithan Nae, asking for the vibes of Israeli street food fusion with traditional cuisine to be demonstrated. The vision of designing the menu led me to present dishes using local Bahraini ingredients and my own self-developed style of cooking.

The event was carried out as a street food celebration on different food trucks with cuisine offered in wrapping papers and elegantly served dishes with finger food canapes. I find that people all over the world can be connected through food.

The Bahraini cuisine uses similar spices and other ingredients common to our own foods and the methods of cooking are the same namely grilling, roasting and baking. The curiosity of the Bahrainis was more about what street foods we eat and how they can take it and try it themselves. They were excited to try and loved our traditional Challa bread, which had never been made and tasted in Bahrain before.

In conclusion, I can say that this event brought Israelis and Bahrainis together to cook, to explore and to share new ideas and even create new dishes. A great time was had by all and we were welcomed wonderfully in Bahrain.

About the Author
Doron Sason is a restaurant developer and a private chef. He graduated from Johnson and Wales University with a BA degree in hotel management and MBA in UNLV, Las Vegas. He has vast experience in hotel management, cooking skills, and private events world wide. He holds a private sandwich boutique label with upcoming cloud kitchen in Mumbai and a flag shop in Manama, Bahrain.