Israel is not a footway to Hamas

This is a column about the request of the parliamentary delegation of the Italian political party Movimento Cinque Stelle to enter into Gaza from Israel, and the refusal of the Authorities here lo let its three members use the Israei borders to fulfill their plan

Everyone has the right to visit Gaza, but you cannot ask Israel to take on itself the responsibility of ushering into it a parliamentary delegation from Italy, or from any other country to visit the Strip.

Gaza is ruled by Hamas, a terrorist organization that is highly aggressive towards Israeli citizens, women and children; that dominates its population with extreme Islamic arrogance; that to gain power carried out an unprecedented massacre of Palestinians, even throwing Fatah’s enemies (the Abu Mazen faction) from the roofs of buildings; that has organized and claimed thousands of terrorist attacks and kidnappings; that persecutes Christians; under whose rule a young Italian, Vittorio Arrigoni was killed for mysterious reasons; that very actively applies the death penalty; that is equipped with a statute in which it promises to exterminate all Jews; that hosts in Gaza Salafis as well as ISIS members from around the world.

So the Italian Movimento Cinque Stelle party doesn’t care? Its members wish to bring to Gaza their feelings of sympathy because they think that ‘two states for two peoples’ is a formula with which Hamas would sympathise willingly? What “State” nearby Israel would Gaza want in their opinion?

Please, it is quite clear that their insistence to enter Gaza during their first visit to Israel is a provocation made to demonstrate their antipathy for Israel and thus to please an audience that follows them on their ultra-democratic “network” and on the blogs of its star leaders, such as the three visiting MPs, Luigi Di Maio, Manlio Di Stefano and Ornella Bertorotta.

The usual comments on Israel, first launched by Grillo himself, are bags of lies:they blame Israel and put on it or the responsibility for the lack of a solution for peace, forgetting that Israel has offered it to the Palestinians on several occasions, at least 3, receiving a big fat “No” every single time.

Above all, sorry to say, in the reactions given to the press they express poorly acquired notions about the history of the Middle East (that perhaps they have never even read) as vane and useless as the statements released by the delegation that say that Israel has given them “a bad sign” by not allowing themto pass through into Gaza (but if they are so keen, why can’t they go in via Egypt? Gaza does not have only one border!).

All this is sadly, ignorantly threatening, the mouse that roared against Middle East’s enormous problems, astonishing when they refer to the UN resolution No. 242 as something that would require Israel to hand over all the territories captured in the 1967 war: it proves that they are simply ignorant of the fact that the resolution speaks of the return “of territories” and not of “the territories” according to criteria that respect both sides, yes, alsoIsrael’s need for security and peace.

Does the Movimento Cinque Stelle party ignore, after so many years, that the Palestinians, and Hamas especially, in fact aim at the delegitimation of Israel, that they would like to see it disappear and that they show no intention of accepting a compromise? And, please explain, howare they so sure that the 1967 borders guarantee Israel’s security? Do they even care?

Israel, that has a death count of tens of thousands in wars in which it has always been attacked and in countless terrorist attacks, and that having already evacuated Gaza has suffered in exchange the daily attacks of Hamas rockets, has every right, even against the Movimento Cinque Stelle party, to defend its population and teherfore to check in bilateral discussions the borders and the condititons of any peace agreement.

Nobody will loose some sleep because of the the ignorance of these New Experts of the Middle-Eastern conflict. If you anyhow wish to check the great experience of the politic protagonists of the italian scene in international matters, go seeon their blog their frequent expressions of enthusiasm for the Ayatollah ruledIran.

This article originally appeared in slightly different form in Italian in Il Giornale (11 July 2012)

About the Author
Fiamma Nirenstein is a journalist, author, former Deputy President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.