Israel Made me Create a Blog and Here’s Why

Taking pictures. Editing them. Playing with the colors. Posting them. Waiting for engagement. These are all things I absolutely LOVE doing. And why did i never do it before you ask? Why did it take me so long to create an outlet to share with the world my pictures and work?

Because I haven’t been living in Israel just yet. 

After studying Studio Arts in Montreal, I decided it was time for a fresh start in the country I love most. I moved to Israel in the summer of 2015 having absolutely no idea of what would happen next. I started my studies in Communications, made tons of friends and finally knew my surroundings and felt at absolute peace….

But something was missing. 

I kept taking pictures and shared them on my personal Instagram… but this wasn’t enough. A voice inside of me was telling me to create a website, an outlet, a blog but still, I never had the courage to do it. 

In May of 2016, my boyfriend took me to the Indigo Hotel. If you are not familiar with it, it is small business hotel in Ramat Gan, with a see-through pool overlooking the entire city of Tel Aviv. Did my jaw dropped when I saw this pool? YES! Did I tell myself: this is it, you have to start something tonight? YES, YES AND YES! 

And so, that night, I came back to the hotel room and created BrandTravels (@brandtravels on Instagram). 

This is when and where it all started. I posted all the food I’ve been eating in Israel, all the arts I’ve been walking by. The graffitis in the street but also the little mosaic squares on the floors of the city. Everything about Israel was perfect. And everything I took pictures of was worth sharing.

I continued the page by posting tons of touristic sites I’ve visited but also just the old and almost-destroyed buildings of Tel Aviv. A lot of people started following me back then and were really intrigued by my travels and adventures in Israel. Some learned new things about the country, others knew about it but asked me for recommendations in some cities; it was all perfect! 

It didn’t matter for me how many people were following me. I wanted, and still am looking for, a core fan base. Good followers that will be inspired and happy by my work.

And so, in short, I was posting content that I have been collecting since July 2015. So picture this. From July 2015 to May 2016, TONS OF PICTURES! People were asking for more and more and I continued uploading everything I never posted.

In July of 2016, I got help designing a logo and a website, which is still running today! I couldn’t be more satisfied with the colors, the life there is to it – it is me. 

When I look back at it now, two years ago… it is complete insanity. Since forever, I wanted to create something that was mine, something I would love to do, something that would make me wake up in the morning and not be able to fall asleep at night, and this is it!

Israel made me create BrandTravels. 

And I couldn’t be more grateful. Because when I think about it… I don’t know what my life was before BrandTravels! I mean, this blog, is not only a blog, it is ME. It is who I am today. It is what shaped me over the past two years. It is seriously the reason I wake up at 6 everyday. I am so proud of my work, but I am prouder that I started it here, in Israel. 

For two years, I have been wandering the streets of Israel, strolling down the cutest of streets in some beautiful cities, and it makes me so happy to have started something in the country I love most. 

Thank you Israel! 

About the Author
Sharon is the founder of BrandTravels and is finishing her studies in Communications at IDC, Herzliya. She will be pursuing her studies in New York City where she will be doing a Masters in Fashion Studies.
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