Israel Needs to Stand by Itself

Our wonderful vice minister of foreign affairs, Tzipi Hotovely created a rift between Israel and the Jews in the Diaspora by her asinine words. With the current geopolitical landscape, everyone turns to the politically right, so when you are the active minister of foreign affairs—since the real minister is the prime minister himself, you attack whom is in your crosshairs.

The ever so seasoned master ambassador said that American Jews forgot what it was like to be without Israel. They don’t visit the Kotel. She also said that they mostly live a very comfortable life. They don’t know what it is like to be under a rocket strike. They don’t send their kids to fight America’s battles. In other words, they never fought for their country. To summarize, they are liberal pussies.

To be honest, she was bitter because her lecture at Princeton University was cancelled by Hillel, a mainstream Jewish organization in the academia. Meaning, she fires against young adult American Jews because they disagree with her. She can call it the liberal dictatorship, but the bottom line is, her last-minute cancellation was a backlash to the Kotel settlement in which the Reform Jews and Conservative Jews can have egalitarian pray — despite not being able to do it with the Orthodox.

From my personal experience, most of the country doesn’t know what is it like to be under terror and rocket fire. Most Jews aren’t filled with splendor when they visit the Kotel. If the military service in Israel wasn’t compulsory, you would see perhaps a single percent volunteering out of sheer desire to see combat and messianic views. She is right with the comfortable life though. If Israelis could find a job in the diaspora, they would have moved there in a heartbeat because life is simpler. The US is richer, is run better, and with higher purchasing power and quality of life, it is a no brainer.

Vice minister Hotovely Freudian speech — not a slip, but five minutes of that — shows how Israelis see Americans. I used to work with Americans, and I would have no idea why they decided to come to Israel, take dead end jobs because of the language barrier, and complain that Israelis are really rude all the time. I, as well as others, are baffled by it. Right wing people are angry that more Jews don’t contribute but we all know that down the line we care about ourselves and our lives as it so competitive. This is blatant jealousy speaking. Expecting so much help from the Diaspora is foolish and actually pathetic. Israel forgot that it needs to build its own country and its people before they ask for help because it needs to be something people can be proud of. Only if people would have been prouder of Israel and its current government, Jews form all around the round would always stand by it.

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