Israel real estate market continues to rise

Amazingly, the Israeli real estate market continues to expand and go up, up, up all the time.  Just amazing – some perspective on what the market looks like:

  • “Israel represents a strong investment opportunity in one of the most volatile regions in the world from a geopolitical standpoint.”
  • “Israel is often overlooked as an investment opportunity, particularly in the context of strong global investment flows to emerging and newly-developed economies. Yet in many ways, Israel offers the “best of both worlds”: the superior economic management of a developed market, but with emerging market growth characteristics.”
  • “Like a balloon, Israeli real estate continues to boom” Yechiel Michael Lichtenstein
  •  “Luxury apartments on Tel Aviv’s shorefront are in great demand, and selling for jaw-dropping prices.” Nimrod Bousso
  •  “Prices for four-room homes in 16 surveyed [Israeli] cities rose 1.9% in the third quarter of [2013], the government Assessor’s Office reported Sunday, with the sharpest increases registered in Tel Aviv and Ashkelon.” Arik Mirovsky
  • “Real estate prices in Israel have risen steadily over the last six years, with prices of apartments increasing by approximately an average of 70-80% over that period of time. In some locations, price increases are even higher.”
  • “Invest in real estate through the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). There are many real estate companies and even a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) traded on the exchange that gives you the ability to invest in real estate for very small sums of money (as little as a few thousand shekels).” Baruch (Brent) Labinsky
  • “Today, new breeds of Israeli investors are aggressively pursuing commercial real estate on a much grander scale.”
  • “Real estate everywhere in the world is a good investment – but Israel makes sense for so many financial and personal reasons.” Ami Mesika
  • “In contrast to the international housing market, the Israeli luxury real estate market has been soaring in recent years, mainly in the center of Israel.”
  • “Nestled along the Mediterranean coastline, Tel Aviv is a vibrant cosmopolitan with an infectious energy. It is a city in which everyone would like to imbibe and ticks all the right boxes for those looking to indulge in a little real estate investment.”
  • “Though Israel is a small country with limited resources, it stands out as one of the world’s most competitive economies.”
  • “The capital market is doing well in Israel, especially the corporate bond market. We’ve seen a recovery over the last number of months.” Ran Amitai
  • “A third reason foreign investors are putting their money to work in Israel is because they’ve been earning impressive returns in both the stock and bond markets.”
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