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Israel repeatedly fails in its propaganda

Israel is at war and repeatedly fails in its propaganda

Israel has been dragged into a bloody confrontation with Hamas in Gaza, but nonetheless, most of the world’s media report deaths in Gaza, emphasizing dead children, hardly mentioning the hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza first, presenting an image to their audience that Israel is the aggressor, the murderous demon.

I can testify about dozens of events in which I took part as a commando combatant in the Israeli army. Dangerous incidents during which I and my platoon risked our lives to avoid shooting at children and civilians during my 25 years of reserve service in the Gaza Strip.

I can relate how I voluntarily carried a wounded terrorist on my back to get him medical treatment. He was the very same enemy soldier who, just a few minutes earlier, had been trying to kill me. I remember pointing my gun at his head, wanting very much to end his life. After a few seconds I managed to control myself and let my vengeance subside.

To accuse Israel of killing children is ignorance and hypocrisy.

I was there as an Israeli combatant at checkpoints where we showed flexibility while taking a possibly fatal risk when deciding whether to allow a child or a pregnant woman to pass through for critical hospital treatment, knowing that there had been many deadly incidents previously in which an ‘innocent’ child or woman had blown themselves up with explosives concealed on their bodies, taking with them the lives of both soldiers and civilians.

Killing children? During the long ongoing conflict with Palestinian terrorists in Gaza and in the West Bank, we were forced to deal with armed children, facing the dilemma of whether to shoot them or take the risk of being killed ourselves. In the 1982 Lebanon War, we encountered a horrifying phenomenon where Lebanese children were facing us with Russian RPG missiles. In this case, the dilemma we faced was two-fold: firstly, whether to shoot at these children or to turn and flee, and secondly, that commando units are trained to deal with danger and never run from it, even if you have to risk your own life.

I was there as an Israeli combatant, carrying out dangerous patrols in the Gaza Strip, during which we were shot and attacked with gunfire and stones that killed and wounded many of us.

Despite the personal risk to ourselves, we did not shoot at children and civilians. On the contrary, I can attest to many cases in which my comrades and I saved and protected Palestinian civilians from cruel terrorists who sought to harm them or use them as human shields.

In March 2020, Israel agreed to ease the coronavirus closure on the Gaza Strip, allowing Palestinian tradespeople to enter Israel, and providing free Covid vaccinations to most of the Palestinian population.

Furthermore, Israel approved $10 million in aid from Qatar for the Gaza Strip, and the Hamas government was quick to divide this among 10,000 families. Every day, Israel provides humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Strip, whom Israel does not see as part of the conflict, but as its victims. This includes free medical care in hospitals in Israel, and technological assistance in industry and trade and construction. But the world does not hear about it. Nonetheless, Hamas speaks in the language of Hezbollah by firing on Israel with a confidence and arrogance never seen before.

Israel is committed to the safety of its citizens and therefore must strike at terrorism in Gaza by all means and without mercy while avoiding harming innocent civilians. It is possible. I was there. I fought in that burning area for 25 years. Israel is able to enter any house in Gaza. Israel invests millions in paying local Palestinians who cooperate with the Israeli intelligence agencies (‘Shabak’) and I can attest from my personal experience from when I worked with them that the information they provide in most cases is accurate and worth its weight in gold. I will not go into detail here but briefly say that thanks to these local collaborators, plus the help of sophisticated technological means, Israel can locate any terror cell in Gaza, and has information on all the Gazan terrorist leaders, including their place of residence and even the number of rooms in their home. If Israel was a dark regime, like that of Gaddafi, Assad or Saddam Hussein, it would have wiped out the entire Gaza Strip long ago, due to its powerful military capability. But Israel is democratic, Western, humane, an example to the whole world. The problem is that the world does not see it as such, and this problem is compounded when Israel fails in its propaganda.

Elon Perry

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I lecture around the UK and the USA on the 4000 years of the history and politics of the Middle East, from the long journey of the Hebrews to become the Jewish nation, from Abraham, Joseph and Egypt, the Exodus, to the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948. This includes the 100-years of the Israeli/Arab/Palestinian conflict, the Holy Land and the Jewish world. I served three years as a combat fighter in commando unit of the Israeli army and played a crucial part during the Intifada (uprising) in the West Bank, and during the Lebanon War of 1982, where explosives damaged my respiratory system. I worked as a journalist for 24 years, as a reporter, editor and columnist, covering wars and social issues around the Middle East, and as a journalist researcher/Investigator for several Israeli national newspapers as well as for radio and television. I have a Master’s degree in History and Political Science from Tel Aviv University.
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