Israel – the Holy Land of tourist attractions

Jerusalem at dusk, view from the Olive Mountain
Jerusalem at dusk, view from the Olive Mountain

When people first visit Israel, they simply fall in love with Tel Aviv, and they do their best to come back as soon as possible. If you want to explore the beauty of the country, you have to plan a long trip, because there are numerous attractions you should put on your bucket list. Israel is a beautiful destination for travellers around the world, it has diverse scenery and landscape, and this variety is the one that attracts every year millions of tourists. It may be a small country but the amount of tourist attractions is enormous. From food markets to beaches and archaeological sites, there are so many things to do in Israel.

Jaffa and Tel Aviv

The tourists who come for the first time in Israel start with Tel Aviv because it is the most obvious tourist attraction. The city is a lively one, and it is understandable why everyone considers it fantastic. The centre of the city offers interesting sightings because there are located multiple historical buildings as the Rabin Memorial and the Habima Square. If you want to experience the vibe of Tel Aviv then you should take a tour of the city.

Jaffa is the oldest side of Tel Aviv and it is one of the places tourists do not want to miss when they travel to Israel. It is interesting to explore both sides of the town, to make a complete image of the lifestyle of the locals.

The Old City of Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is considered one of the world’s epicentres of history, religion and culture. Some people think that they will get lost when they start visiting the old city, but you should not be worried, because this is the best way to discover a place. Jerusalem is a labyrinth for tourists, but this makes it one of the attractions that worth visiting them at least once in a lifetime.

Jerusalem requires at least a one-day trip if you want to see everything. There are people who come back to Jerusalem year after year and they are still discovering new things. It is considered a timeless town, and it offers a basic understanding of Israel, because it is filled with history and culture. Jerusalem is a multicultural destination, and people visit it because it is gorgeous. When arriving in Jerusalem it is important to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Old City and the Western Wall. The majority of tourists who choose this destination have the best travel rewards credit card because they want to make sure that they will not miss anything.


Masada is another UNESCO World Heritage Site that is worth to be visited if you choose Israel as your destination for your vacation. It is a spot that marks the final episode of revolt against Rome. This place is so important because the rebels decided to commit suicide and not to fight the Roman Empire. It is a dramatic place not only for its history but also for its scenery.

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