Israel Vs Arab World

Israel is in the middle of so-called very strong Arab nations, all of them hate Israel, some of them recognized Israel because they had no choice left, but still they never recognized Israel whole-heartedly. Let’s compare few things between them.


  • Israel has democracy and people choose their leaders -VS- Most of the Arab world are ruled by families
  • Any middle class person in Israel can become leader of Israel or any big political party if he/she have the talent -VS- Middle class of Arab world can never even think of leading the country even if he/she have great Ideas about taking his/her country to next level of development


  • Israel has a political system with political parties try to impress people by its economic and social programs –VS- Arab world has absolutely no political system and strong families or people back by army rule the country
  • In Israel every political party believe that people of country will decide their future –VS- In Arab world people have no power to change rulers

Law enforcement

  • Israeli army works for their country. The best army personnel are posted on important positions to defend the country –VS- Army of the Arab world are mostly involve in defending its ruling families and their interest  and best army personal are posted in big compounds of rulers
  • In Israel police can arrest anyone including people from ruling party if they do anything against the law –VS- Police of the Arab world cannot even think to arrest any minister (unless order by ruler of the country)

Judicial system

  • Israel have free judicial system which treat everyone equally and if found guilty anyone can be punished (including people from ruling party and Israeli army) –VS- Judicial system of the Arab world is influenced by ruling families, no one can say anything in public against the ruling family


  • You cannot even think of bribing the Israeli police, Army or any government officials –VS- In Arab world you will see police and government offices can be bribe easily (openly or secretly)

In my opinion these are the things which made Israel a very strong and great country, despite very small country in size and less number of army personal they are competing with a big but divided enemy.


About the Author
Abid migrated to Canada from Pakistan in 2011. He is now Canadian citizen and living in Calgary Canada with his Family. Abid is big supporter of Israel and He believe that time has come for all Muslim countries to recognize Israel as legitimate country.
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