Elizabeth Browder

Israel will survive

Where do we go from here?

Those five words have been going through my mind since yesterday when we got the news that three bodies had been found. I will admit, at times, I feel that Israel should carpet bomb Gaza, leaving only goats and sheep, this is not something I support or endorse. That is not an answer anyone who supports Israel should support. That is not who Israel is. We cannot become like the terrorists. We cannot lose our humanity.

What Israel will do is what she has always done: survive. Although she is hurting and in mourning for the loss of three innocent children, Israel will survive and go on. If Hamas thinks these murders will cause Israel to run and hide, they are sadly mistaken. Hamas says an attack on them “will open the gates of hell”. No, Hamas, you opened that gate when your representatives shot those boys. You open that gate everytime you shoot rockets at Israeli children. No, Hamas, you open that gate with every hate speech you teach your kids. You open the gate and  people you CLAIM to represent are suffering because of your actions. You poke a bear enough times, it wakes up. And Israel is awake.

Israel is a beacon of light in the darkness of the Middle East. May that light shine even brighter. May that light always shine. Sometimes, doing the right thing does not feel right. This is one of those times. But in the end:ISRAEL WILL SURVIVE.

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Elizabeth is a nurse by profession, and a parent of a dog who thinks she is human. She likes lots of things. She may write about them.
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