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Israel, you have our support

As IDF of Israel is undertaking Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, dozens of IDF soldiers died from protecting their country, I felt very depressed upon I heard the news. I prayed to God for the safety of Israeli people, and also for the safety of innocent Gazan people which have casualty of around 5 hundred. The IDF is just fighting with terrorists who want to destroy Israel and Jewish people, but many people think Israeli army is the aggressor.

Recently I talked about the war between Israel and Gaza with two friends who are movie director and investor respectively, the movie director asked me why Israeli people are so warlike and aggressive, the investor told me the Israeli army killed so many Palestinian people, Israel should be blamed. Even I told them some true stories about what IDF did and is doing now, they still insist their opinion. I think it’s not strange anywhere, because most of the media are blaming Israel without telling why Israel needs to take the strong decisions to protect themselves.

Several years ago, I disliked Israel, I just had a negative image about Israel, because the news has been saying that Israel is a bullying Palestinian people, and Israel are invader which occupied Arabic land, it gave me a conspicuous contrast between Israel and Palestine, Israel is the overmatch, but Palestine is the bullied, so Palestinian people are pitiful, and I sympathized them.

But when I became a Christian, I found the real history of Israel in the Bible, and became more and more interested in Israel, when I know more about the true story of the modern Israel, I found I was wrong, Israel is just protecting its own land and people, they deserve the right to live there, and they are not cruel killer, instead, they protect their civilian people and trying to not harm the innocent Palestinian people.

On the other side, Hamas and the extreme Islamists don’t care the lives of innocent Israeli people, and don’t care their own people, just commit damage and murder to other people. China has a traditional friendship with Arabic countries, so most of the Chinese media basically stand by the side of Palestine. Since last year, however, after the high-profile visits to China by PM Benjamin Netanyhu and President Shimon Peres, Israel attracted the attention of Chinese people, and along with the warming of bilateral relationship, Chinese people are getting more and more interested in Israel, when Chinese people are more knowledgeable about Israel, they find Israel is a good nation, it is not bellicose as the stereotyped image.

I’m working with the Israel Plan, an NPO media organization, which has been trying to tell the truth of Israel among global Chinese people, now it’s getting popular in China, recently we did a online survey, the poll shows about 91%(1056 people) of those surveyed support Israel, 3% support Palestine, and 5% are neutral. This is not a whole picture of Chinese opinion on Israel, but it reflects many Chinese people’s preference to Israel to some degree.
Poll: Support Israel or Palestine
Even though there are still lots of people holding the negative images about Israel as what I had before, but I can see more and more people are inclined to support Israel, most of them are Christians, because the Christians are increasing remarkably in China, I believe if they really found the truth about Israel in the Bible, they will like and love Israel.

In the midst of international circumstance which is not so good to Israel, we, the people who love Israel, strongly support Israel. Israel always has our support. We love Israel and support Israeli protective action.

About the Author
The author is the founder of Israel Plan Organization, the NPO organization supporting and promoting Israel in China. He lived in Israel for two years, and studied MBA at IDC Herzliya.
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