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Israeli-Americans Get Out the Vote

In a U.S. electoral first, just in time for the midterms, Israeli-Americans remind their fellow constituents that it’s time to vote so our elected leaders know that while Israel may seem like it’s a world away, our community is here, we’re engaged, and we’re dedicated to creating positive change.

Given the recent act of domestic terror in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Americans are once again faced with a problem that has no easy solution. The terrorism that took the lives of eleven people on Saturday morning has roots in pure hate, which when left unchallenged, grows into insidious forms of bigotry, discrimination, and of course, anti-Semitism.

As an advocate for the Israeli-American community, I often remind people that Israelis who have immigrated to America usually face a triple dose of discrimination because they’re Jewish, an immigrant, and a person of color.

When asked how best to deal with that hate, my answer is always to confront hate with civic action, engagement, and advocacy to influence policy and legislation to protect and strengthen our communities.

And in one week, we will use our most powerful tool in America to combat hate: our vote.

About the Author
Dillon Hosier is the Chief Advocacy Officer at the Israeli-American Civic Action Network, an organization dedicated to empowering Israelis and Americans through advocacy education and civic action to combat antisemitism, fight BDS, and strengthen the U.S.-Israel alliance. Previously, he served for a decade as the Political Officer at the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles.
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