Israeli Ballet Dancer Turns World-Renowned DJ


Though he became a world-famous DJ, Micky Friedmann says that Israeli guys are the hottest. “Israeli beauty has no competition,” he says.

Friedmann started as a professional ballet dancer in Jerusalem, then moved to Europe in order to pursue an international career. Shortly after he moved to Berlin in 1997, he became a solo dancer with the Berlin Ballet Komische Opera, and also started part-time modeling through the agency “VIVA.”

When his modeling career started to kick off, and Mickey was seen on pages of numerous magazines, most notably, the front covers of Blue, Sergej, Spartacus and Nujn, he started to develop a hobby as a DJ. According to him, he started spinning vinyl records at home in his free time. In 2005 he stopped dancing and decided to invest in his love for music, playing in small places in Berlin. Two years later, the “Bungalow” club in Berlin opened and offered Friedmann residency, and that was his real breakthrough as a DJ.

In 2008 Micky fulfilled another dream when he was invited to play at the famous Splash club in New York. When he finished his set and got off of the DJ stand, he was approached by a manager who signed Friedmann to his DJ management company, Madtizzy Music. Since then he plays every weekend in another city, and also in the biggest and most important festivals in the world.

“Tel Aviv has developed in a phenomenal way since I left and has become a crazy party center,” Friedmann says in a recent interview with an Israeli magazine. “I think it stems from the fact that the Israelis, just like Brazilians and Spaniards, are very attentive to what happens in the world and know what a good party should be like. The Israeli producers of the nightlife scene find inspiration in parties around the world and bring them home to Tel Aviv. They know that a good party must have, of course, an amazing sound, but it also has to have a cool location, lighting, and hot guys, and these are things that you definitely find in a party in Tel Aviv”.

About the Author
Yanir Dekel has a decade of experience in entertainment, journalism, and digital media in Israel and the U.S. He headed PR for Helicon Records - one of the top two Record Labels in Israel - for several years before moving to LA in April of 2009. Yanir now works as an "Online Outreach" and content administration freelancer, managing content and social media, as well as providing graphics for online and print.