Israeli Media Midas Dreams

All wars cause public opinion shifts, among other major changes. In this sense, wars are like natural disasters and pandemics. The memories of COVID-19 are still fresh and painful, face masks, lockdowns, overloads in health facilities, very heavy economic burden, and most painful of all, loss of human lives.

The Gaza 2023 war is very much like COVID-19, yet, way more painful. It started with unthinkable attack of the terror organization of Hamas, and it did not end yet. The horror of what these terrorists have committed will never and should never be forgotten. When continuing the comparison with COVID-19, we are still in the lockdowns stage. But even then, people talked about “flattening the curve”, meaning that the top priority is stabilize the contagion rate. As for the Gaza war, we are practically there, and this stage must be conceived as such. The reason for the last statement is the fact that despite being currently the worst of all Israel’s enemies, Israel is negotiating with the terror organization, and hostages/prisoners are being mutually releases. So, both sides understand that in the bottom line, bullets must be silenced and humans must talk.

What makes the situation more complicated is the fact that the saying “you do not choose your enemies” is not applicable here: Israel deliberately and consciously created Hamas, and those who doubt this statement are kindly directed to my previous post. Israel created and “cultivated” Hamas and will continue to do so after this war, and if it is not Hamas that we presently know, Israel will invent a new “Hamas”. This will happen in “the day after”, and obviously, this day is inevitably coming.

When this day will arrive, the Israeli public will realize and understand the magnitude of the damages and consequences of this war. Most horrific of all is human lives loss. What the terrorist of Hamas did on October 7th 2023 is hard to conceive. The pleasure that they showed killing, raping and kidnapping Israeli civilians, is beyond human mind understanding abilities. But on the very same time, the number of Gazan victims, half of them are children, is also unthinkable. Nothing can justify this mass killing.

I am quite sure that my last statement will “shock” many Israeli Jews, but I would like to beg your patience until you finish reading of this paragraph. When Israeli government spokesperson Eylon Levy was asked by Sky News broadcaster Kay Burley about the ratio of people to be mutually released by Israel and Hamas, 50 to 150 (1 to 3), respectively, claiming that Israeli lives are valued higher than Palestinian; Levy replied “that is an astonishing accusation”. The Israeli media joined the “astonishment”, and even self-styled liberal media such as TheMarker of Haaretz wrote “the net does not know if to laugh or to cry”. The death toll in Gaza reached way more than 1 to 3: it is more than 1 to 10. And again, nothing can justify that. And if that is not enough, listen to Amihai Eliyahu, Israeli minister, saying that Israel should destroy Gaza with atomic bomb. Nothing can be even close to justify this.

The Israeli media is intoxicated with the madness of war. There is not a single communication media that presents an immediate, lasting ceasefire as an option to end this war. They are all pushing the government to resume the bombardments of Gaza. The far right and the fascists in Israel are in Midas dream: almost all Israeli Jewish society has become Ben-Gvir supporters. But this war will end some way or another. Then, with hundreds of thousands of unnecessary weapons in civilians hand, violence will corrode the Israeli society itself. In the beginning Jews will shoot Arab citizens of Israel, and the vast majority of Israeli Jews will remain indifferent. The legal system will be useless. In fact, it is already useless. But after this, these weapons will destroy the Israeli Jewish society itself.

The 2023 Gaza war must stop now. It is mainly not money expenses, it is the sanity of Israel.

About the Author
Dr Abed L. Azab was born and lives now with his family in A’ra, Israel. He completed his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is an educator, teacher, social activist and column writer.
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