Israeli Politics For DUMMIES

As the elections have finally arrived, the buzz has intensified and the political party text messages have come flocking in. It’s hard to decipher all the noise and most of it just seems like marketing blasts from companies trying to sell you their holiday gift box. But we all know it’s much more important than chocolates and scented candles. This is the decision that will govern our lives for the next four years so maybe it’s time to go from dumb to less dumb;)

The Israeli government is a parliamentary democratic system made up of the legislature, judiciary, and executive branches which are all set up as a form of balancing the power with checks and balances. Every four years just like the US, there are parliamentary elections…but unlike the US there is no term cap enabling a Prime Minister to be elected for many times in a row. So what does this form of government base their laws around? Instead of having a formal constitution the country has enacted the “Basic Laws of Israel”.

What is one of the most unique parts of the Israeli political system? It would have to be that they have one of the most extreme multi-party systems in the world. There are approximately 30 different parties running in this year’s elections which is a ton when compared to a system like the United States. What this type of structure shows is that people are much less loyal to a certain party or person but instead they support based on very certain ideas and desires for themselves and the country.

To summarize, the Israeli political system is complicated and the parties are made up of an intricate web of different groups spanning across the different areas of Israeli society. They all support different issues and have their own ways of doing things. It’s all chaotic and there is serious engagement from the population showing an overall “healthy” political climate.

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Josh Lynn is from Dallas, TX and is currently living in Haifa. He has a passion for researching and writing about various topics related to the country of Israel, Jewish history, and Jewish culture in general. Furthmore, he is an aspiring entrepreneur and will continue to write about the Israeli economy and startup scene.
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