Israeli Presidential Conference Low Down

The Israeli Presidential Conference Facing Tomorrow has been written about extensively, from the opening night 90th birthday bash, its guests and attire to best quotes.

So many international speakers, expert panels and topics,

photo Shimon Peres and Sharon Stone

yet certain themes run through these events,

 other than President Shimon Peres gets to kiss the girl of his choice

photo Bill Clinton

and there are also lots of hugs of old friends.

photo Bill Clinton with Presidential medal

Former US President Bill Clinton was awarded a special medal at the opening plenary session. It did seem rather large,

photo Sharon Stone in Jerusalem

until you notice the size of Sharon Stone’s ring.

But it was not just unique accessories that stood out in the halls of the Jerusalem International Center over two days.

While it is not new to notice shoes, two years ago shoes were a theme,

photo socks that do not match

Dan Arielly’s talks were electric,

but also the stars and stripes of his socks caused a buzz.

photo Shimon Peres, Rahm Emanuel

Most people did not notice that Rahm Emanuel was not wearing socks when he spoke with President Shimon Peres,

photo Sharon Stone

but whatever Sharon Stone was wearing was noticed.

feet photo

Black shoes and

photo shoes

red shoes from around the world converged in Jerusalem.

image Peres, Netanyahu and Sharansky together

At the closing of Facing Tomorrow 2013,

image Dr Ruth and admireres

Dr.Ruth Westheimer had her bag over her shoulder ready to go.

image international visitors to Jerusalem conferenence

It was good to see that international guests were still smiling at the end.

For #Tomorrow13,

that’s it folks….

time to put away the jackets and shoes until after the summer.


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