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Keith Brooks
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Israeli Research Team Has Cured Cancer

But we are sorry to say due to all of the boycott’s of Israeli institutions, researchers and removal of Israeli products from the world’s shelves, libraries and pharmacies, we can only help people in Israel.

Since the announcement, Jews around the world have been booking flights and making Aliyah so they can get the treatment at an unprecedented rate.

Since there are only two airlines still flying to/from Israel, EL AL and Arkia, they have had to borrow planes to help in bring people to Israel. Luckily for them there are no shortage of women and men Jewish pilots who are available to help what has become a 24×6 effort. No flights on Shabbat.

The Ministry of Absorption says thanks to a startup that can scale to millions of transactions across multiple languages and profiles, their staff are able to handle all the requests and still enjoy Shabbat.

The treatment can not only remove the cancer, it can also be preventive and can be given to children like vaccines to cure them at an early age.

“We were testing on lab animals, then we tried it on more advanced animals and then some people who were in late stages of cancer. In all cases we could stop the growth and reverse the process. The people could not believe it!”, exclaimed one researcher.

“However, it was never imagined we would reach such a predicament, we wanted to help everyone. but no one wants to accept our research. Why don’t they want us to help them? What kind of Rosh Katan (small mind) are they?” expressed another one of the surprised researchers who thought they had finally created a medical unicorn.

The Prime Minister’s office called after learning about the breakthrough and said they would win a Nobel Prize, if they still gave them to Jews and invited them to visit with him and discuss the find in more depth.

The team which is made up of Jews from Israel, France, United States, Germany, Sweden, Chile and Australia has produced a short video about their work and the treatment. Regrettably, it is currently blocked by 84 countries that have banned videos edited in Israel.

This is not how people strive to work together and collaborate for a better future. Every single time a university or association in the world decides to boycott Israel, Israeli products or research, we are one step closer to a reality no one wants or needs.

This post is not true, yet, and hopefully never will be.

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