Albert Russo
"Art is but a moment of happiness, it is like a lightning of bliss cleaving the never-ending horrors of our world."

Israeli versus Muslim propaganda

Before reading my piece, please listen to what this enlightened Muslim man has said at the United Nations in New York

Enough insults from the 55 or more countries at the UN whose human rights are atrocious, and they want to give lessons to Israel??? Durban I&II are such examples of imbecility and lies, as are those inane anti-Israeli demonstrations all over Europe. Why don’t they demonstrate against those countries where the Sunni kill the Shiah and vice versa by the tens of thousands, where they murder and rape Oriental Christians, Kurds (oh Erdogan, what a devil you are) and other minorities.

Why don’t they demonstrate against Morocco, which is oppressing and colonizing the Sarahoui for decades, when most of the European terrorists are Moroccans or Egypt for despising the 10 million Christian Copts who were there long before the Arab invasions and burning their churches; ditto for the Berbers in the Maghreb, its original population, now considered second class by the Arab regimes?

Why do the US and Europe keep on pouring millions of $ and € to Hamas in Gaza, when the latter uses the money to buy arms from that abominable regime of Iran, instead of building houses and soothing the plight of their own people?  You know why?  Because theirs is a culture of death and destruction, while Israel, which is by no means perfect, and whose colonization in the West Bank I totally disapprove of, has a culture of life, innovation, and medical advancement offered to the whole world, even to its enemies.  Isn’t it ironic that some of the Hamas bigwigs and other Palestinian chiefs of the West Bank, send members of their families to be treated in Israeli hospitals, alongside, Jewish, Muslim and Christians?    So much said for apartheid.  In these same hospitals, you find Syrian soldiers, Palestinian babies with heart problems, who are cured without spending a cent?

Ask the many countries of Black Africa, Caribbean nations like Haïti, the Americas, and mostly India and China, the new superpowers of the 21st century, why they cooperate so closely with Israel on the scientific, medical, security and agricultural fields, and you will get a much more balanced picture than what you hear at the grand UN Circus in New York (Bank I Moon, the chief of that circus, open your ears), also derisively called by Charles De Gaulle ‘le Grand Machin’ (the big Thing).

Oh, the West is as much at fault as those enraged Muslim regimes where women are near slaves and where LGBT people are either flogged or hanged in public.  Lately a Hamas politician, found to be a homosexual, was shot dead, for his ‘crime’.  Wonderful Shariah laws!  Let’s take the example of France, the nation that gave the world so many great ideas, like human rights, Liberté, Fraternité, Egalité.  Do you know why she loves Egypt, the Maghreb countries, and Saudi Arabia (oh, what a delightful country of freedom and of sex equality, where Palestinians are considered less than human), more than Israel, and keeps accusing it of not cooperating with the Palestinians.  Why?  Because she sells them Rafale planes and sophisticated weapons, for billions of euros, while at home, the Europeans of Christian origin and the French Muslims are often at loggerheads, with quite a few exceptions, of course. The same can be said of the UK and other nations of that most antisemitic of all continents.

Ah the Popes!  they were such good Christians that they forced their subjects to attack, torture, or murder the Jews, those Jews who supposedly killed Jesus, hiding from the populace that Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, as well as the 12 apostles, were Jews.  The papacy is an anachronism, no matter how good the present Pope is.  He blames nations for not accepting the hundreds of thousands of poor immigrants.  Let him open the magnificent Vatican and Castel Gandolfo wide to host them.

Let Saudi Arabia, which has more than one hundred thousand ultra-modern tents, with air-conditioning, electricity, and potable water, reserved for the few days of the Hadj, welcome those refugees in these otherwise empty bungalows.  Let the Emirates, fill their half-empty astoundingly beautiful skyscrapers with refugees, instead of using workers as near slaves to build them – the latter live in rabbit holes under 45° celsius, in awful conditions, while the rich Arabs and their entirely veiled wives, stroll around magnificent shopping malls and stay in suites with gold-plated taps in bathrooms the size of a Paris apartment for three workers, with jacuzzis, saunas, and other luxurious amenities.  This is a wonderful example of Arab solidarity.

Ask the poor Syrian refugees, what they think of such kind and charitable ‘brethren’.

I’m fed up with the distortions of the Muslim and extreme left Western media, those people – see Palestine, who teach their children to not recognize the existence of Israel and to kill Jews everywhere.

To children???  Isn’t that a major crime?  How can there ever be peace between a growing generation of Jew-haters and Israel? Take example on Singapore, where they teach students to respect everyone, whatever his color or religion.  Those among you, enraged Islamists: heed the words peace and coexistence, instead of returning to Middle age methods while using hi-tech weapons to kill, kill, kill, burn, destroy and maim, and, if that weren’t enough to lead demonstrations.  You ought to be ashamed of yourselves to belong to the human race.


I’ve met them as a writer, and they are mostly women intellectuals, as well as a few men (much less) who would be jailed or put to death if they went back to their countries of birth.

As for that stupid statement one constantly hears, that the Islamists who rebel and kill are frustrated and ignorant, this is an insult to the 3/4 of the poor folk around the world: they don’t kill because they are poor, on the contrary, they try to make do.

Look at most black African countries, in spite of some of their rotten regimes, they are generous with the little they have, I am a prime witness of that since I grew up in Africa and went to school during six years with Tutsi and Hutu, Arabs and Pakistani, Greeks and Americans.

There is one thing that irks me to no end: why doesn’t the Israeli government ask its few millionaires to contribute to the good of their country by setting up several Israeli Television Channels in the main world languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, and Arabic? – Yes I know one: I24 News – When the Arab nations have dozens of them, with always the same negative and one-sided views where Israel is concerned?

I know that my words are drops in the ocean.  But lookout for the upcoming civil wars in Europe and elsewhere, and then maybe, maybe, you will remember them.

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