Israeli War Ethics


CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, Sky News, et al continuously report–“Just look at what the Israelis have done–dead Palestinian babies, injured children and crying mothers.” It is so easy for the Errin Burnett’s and Geraldo Rivera’s of the media, to sit in their comfortable studios and criticize a Jewish army that is fighting a terrorist state, who purposely tries to kill civilians and wipe Israel off the map.

The super compassionate, fraudulent media hacks do not see this as a battle between good and evil–they see this as “two scorpions in a bottle, battling each other.” Churchill vs Hitler–lots of dead children in Dresden and Berlin. Pearl Harbor vs Hiroshima and Nagasaki–where is the proportional response? Just imagine what Errin and Geraldo would have reported against “evil” America and “morally reprehensible” Great Britain? Yet those devastating bombings are what ended WWII, and ultimately saved tens of millions of lives.

Today Gaza is filled with dead bodies, injured children and tears, all of which generate immense compassion by a gullible world that seems to have lost its moral compass. Well, all you nice people who watch tv, check your computers or read your newspapers–you have been fooled once again. Why weren’t these so called “innocent civilians” in Gaza crying to Hamas terrorists, when they took aid money over the past 8 years and built terrorist tunnels instead of hospitals–when they placed rocket launchers into mosques, schools and houses, instead of helping their fellow citizens. The Palestinians cheered when missiles hit homes in Israel, and now they want you to cry with them, and even help them when Israel responds. Do not fall for evil, even when it is disguised as a baby, a crying child or a helpless woman.

“The goal is to bring this conflict to a quick end,” foolish words uttered by Mr. “anti-war” John Kerry and British FM Philip Hammond. No–the goal is to rid the world of terrorist states and organizations like Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah, al Qaeda and Islamic Jihad. Would Hammond have said that he was concerned about “innocent civilians” during the Allied bombings over Germany during WWII? Churchill would have put Hammond in jail for such a treasonous statement. Would the French foreign minister have criticized a blockade at German ports by the Allies during WWII, as he has done about Israel’s blockade of Gaza? Yet those two government officials have the audacity to tell Israel precisely those things and wag their immoral fingers at the most decent fighting army in the history of the world. The purpose of this war against true evil, is to make sure that Hamas and its partners, never rear their ugly heads again.

The truth is that tunnels, rockets, RPG’s, roadside bombs, machine guns and even kidnappings will not defeat Israel. Public relations weaponry will. It is ironic that almost every war fought throughout history had a good vs evil component. With that in mind, there is a new weapon being used by evil players against decent democracies, that happens to be more effective than any F-16 fighter jet, Apache helicopter or Army tank. It is called “innocent civilians,” and Western democracies in the 21st century are falling for this weapon–hook, line and sinker.

War is disgusting, especially if you are amongst the “minority of good guys” in a country filled with evil. However, if a majority of your relatives, neighbors and friends elect truly evil, dictatorial leaders to govern your country with their morally reprehensible values, you and your children become responsible for their actions. Is that fair? Of course not, but life is not fair.

Dealing with this concept, is very painful for all decent people–that every single baby and child in Dresden, Berlin, Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII was unfortunately a victim of guilt by association. That is a real life dilemma we must all face, whether one likes it or not. Until there is a way to program a bomb to effectively select only the evil enemy participants and their supporters, the decent nations of the world cannot allow the fraudulent “Guilt Bomb” thrown by the bad guys, to affect their fighting strategies. Does that mean you target civilian populations–of course not. Israel has NEVER done that, and every tv and media reporter knows that for a fact–although they will not allow their non judgmental, liberal brainwashing to admit that truth. But if the evil side places themselves or their weaponry into civilian population centers, sometimes there is no choice. That is precisely the case with the present Israeli-Gaza conflict.

The world must learn war ethics from this current crisis. Hamas is a terrorist organization with a written charter to kill Jews and destroy Israel. Israel is an extremely decent and tolerant democracy. Anyone arguing that point is, without question, either brainwashed or evil themselves–just take a look at the people, groups and nations who back each of the two parties. Look at the demonstrations–every single pro-Israel demonstration has been peaceful, with songs being sung for peace and for the most part, posters seeking peace. Now look at the pro Palestinian demonstrations which are filled with hatred, violence, curse words, accusations of Nazi-like behavior against Israel, looting, fighting, overturned police cars, destruction of property, rock throwing and the worst threats imaginable including “Hitler was right” and “Jews to the gas chambers.”

Arabs lead these demonstrations throughout the world because Israel has totally embarrassed those macho armies in every single war and in the development of Israeli society. Being shamed is worse than death for a Muslim Arab–and Israel has taken that embarrassment to a totally new level. These violent demonstrations are the only way that Arabs can show any power, because every war against the “weak, pathetic” Jews has been a disaster for Israel’s enemies. But why have so many other non-Arabs and non Muslims joined in with these antisemitic demonstrations?

First of all, the left is always sympathetic to the weaker party, even if that participant is the bad guy. In addition, except for the United States, Canada and a few other countries, the world is only compassionate to Jews “after” they are murdered or gassed. Much of the world to this day feels guilty for allowing The Holocaust to occur on the watch of their countries, their parents or grandparents. So how does this 21st century generation relieve their historic guilt which allowed the shooting, gassing, torture and burning of 6 million Jews, of which, there were 1 1/2 million babies?

In order to relieve this self imposed, psychological pain, Europeans, Scandinavians and others have used a replacement psychology to call Israel aka Jews–evil. Study Freudian theory and you will see that if humanity can show that this group of “Chosen People” are actually just as bad or worse than the rest of the world in their ethics and morality, then the entire non Jewish world’s genealogical trees are totally off the hook, for allowing The Holocaust against the Jews to occur. That is what is going on worldwide today, and the actual reason for the massive hatred of Israel, the BDS movement, the Apartheid and Nazi labels, the ban on Israeli professors, the shouting down of pro Israeli speakers–all of the propaganda. One of the most decent democracies in world history is being called the absolute worst country. What great therapy for the Jew hater.

The images are certainly heart wrenching. Who doesn’t look at the latest videos coming out of Gaza, such as the injured and dead at the UN school, with anger and disgust. However, that tragedy cannot be viewed in a vacuum. Every single Palestinian or Israeli injury and death is the fault and responsibility of Hamas. We must remember what led to those disgusting pictures. Let’s be clear–Israel left Gaza in 2005, and there is not one Jew living in the entire Gaza Strip. The Palestinians in Gaza have received over $2 billion dollars in aid since 2005 and have not built a single hospital or school. However, they have a $2 billion dollar tunnel complex, and it is not for a subway system. The Palestinians in Gaza freely elected this Hamas government who spent all its time and money planning to destroy Israel and kill Jews–big, big mistake.

So I leave this issue to all Palestinians, in Gaza, in Israel, in the West Bank, in Paterson, NJ, in Dearborn, Michigan. Did you think that Israel would not respond to thousands of rockets being shot at civilian population centers? Learn a final lesson here–if you try to kill Jews today, you and your families will die. If you don’t want dead babies, do not attack population centers in Israel. It is really that simple. We are no longer “dhimmis” who you can abuse.

If you don’t want to be our friends, learn from our technology, benefit from Israel’s incredible scientific and medical talents, then just leave us alone. If you ever dare try to hurt us, you and your children will die trying. And for the rest of the world–do not fall for the Gaza terrorist lies about “innocent civilians.” How come there were NO innocent civilians in Nazi Germany or Hiroshima. That is how war works. The evildoers try to hide behind the words “proportional response,” “innocent civilians,” “collective punishment,” “war crimes,” “Geneva Convention” and differences in casualty figures.

Whoever brings up these concepts, especially the media, has become a partner with evil. War is ugly and there is no such thing as a proportional response. Evil terrorist organizations and despicable countries attempt to use these words to make the great democracies of the world feel guilty. There is only one purpose to war–to win. And we better hope that the good guys keep winning.
May the decent nations of the world always use non proportional responses and bring on massive destruction to evil nations, in order to win the battle for goodness on behalf of God and the good people of this world.



Irwin N. Graulich is a well known Jewish motivational speaker on Judaism, ethics, morality, religion and politics and president of Bloch Graulich Whelan Inc., leading marketing, communications and branding company in New York City.



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Irwin N. Graulich is a "serious Jew." He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, a child of Holocaust survivors. Mr. Graulich attended both public school and yeshiva, and has been writing and speaking about Jewish life since he was 16. He has written for many publications and web sites world wide. Irwin's unique eloquence and passion for Judaism have made him a much sought after speaker and writer. Some fascinating topics he has recently addressed include Why Be Jewish?, Where Was God During The Holocaust?, The Case For God's Existence, The Real Reason For Anti-Semitism, Lessons of The Holocaust, The Importance of Israel To The World, The Mitzvah To Hate, The Secrets of Shabbat and Kashrut, and many other subjects. In addition to lecturing in hundreds of synagogues, Mr. Graulich has been a guest speaker for Zionist Organization of America, Amit Women, UJA, Bnai Brith and ORT, as well as for many secular and non-Jewish organizations. Mr. Graulich considers himself a multi-denominational Jew and is a member of 6 shuls--Orthodox, Conservative and Reform. His wife, Dr. Penny Resnick Graulich, a pediatric dentist, is also the daughter of Holocaust survivors. They have 3 children, all of whom attended Jewish day schools in Westchester. Irwin N. Graulich is President of Bloch Graulich Whelan Inc., a leading marketing, branding and communications firm in New York City.
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