Israelis, Are You on a National Suicide Mission?

Are we living in the time of undoing the 67 year old Sovereign Jewish Commonwealth?

Every Israeli needs to ask himself/herself, ‘why am I here?’, and ‘where am I going?’

Last Call!

I am not a great supporter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Neither do I think that Netanyahu is a political Guru. But when the political menu in Israel is mighty poor, I need to admit that he is the best item on this menu.

Benjamin Netanyahu for Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu for Prime Minister

Not too long ago, in one of his speeches he delivered in the United States, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that Israel has no margin to err. Nowadays, more than ever, with the ISIS surrounding Israel, with the danger from Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in Gaza in the south, Israelis need to be sober to understand their country’s security needs. The government first duty to its citizenry is to protect and defend them and their country. Israel is in a position where she has to defend herself from the Arab elements from within. She has to defend herself from her neighboring adversaries and she has to defend herself from the ongoing political attacks and immense pressure coming from the USA hostile administration as well as the EU and UN.

In such environment there is no room to err, there is no room to abide by the Oslo delusion of peace, or take lightly and danger ISIS poses, and there is no room for inexperienced, clueless and reckless politicians to be at the helm of the country.

I have seen the performance of Tziporah “Tzipi” Livni when she was Israel’s foreign minister in the Ehud Olmert’s government. She was a disastrous embarrassment. Many Israelis have no recollection of her failure as foreign minister. I have seen Livni performing the job of the minister of justice in Netanyahu’s recently dissolved government. She was in charge of the “peace process” negotiations with the Arabs. She was clueless, again disastrous and even seditious a time. Why will anyone want to have Livni as the Prime Minister of the country he or she love? Why will anyone entrusts his life, his country’s life with her?

As for Isaac “Buji” Herzog, Livni’s co star-Prime Minister, do ask yourself, what experience in the international arena does he bring to the table? I know of none!

Leading, running and navigating a country, especially a country that is the focus of many enemies and is constantly under political and economic attacks is no kindergarten teacher’s act. It is a serious job that requires the experience Benjamin Netanyahu accumulated over the years of his political career. It is the experience all those who, in Israel, call themselves politicians simply do not possess.

There are people in Israel who claim that the relations with the United States have been damaged because Netanyahu delivered a profoundly warning speech about Iran to congress. What does this mean? Has the woman Israel been in intimate relations with the man USA and all of a sudden the intimate attraction has bumped a rock and now the man USA needs Viagra to be turned on to the woman Israel? NOT at all!
I am not on the Left or the Right of the political spectrum. I am on the sane and sober side of the political spectrum.

I do not live in Israel but I love and support the country in any way I can. What I want for Israel is to be the best she possibly can, better than all other countries. Why? Because this is the only country the Jewish people have to call their Homeland.

I see what is happening in Israel and what I am seeing is, to me, an insane and irresponsible behavior of Israel’s political fabric. I want Israel to be strong and prevail and I do not understand why Israelis do not want the very same. Why, in such times, there is no total unity under one umbrella – give us SECURITY and safe future.

The Israeli electoral have no excuse to be uneducated or misinformed. Israelis cannot afford to grab the moment and live in it for as long as they possibly can, which appears it is the nature of the countrymen’s behavior.

In the United States Barack Obama, who I have difficult time addressing as president, and many in his team have been using the race card to intimidate and silence the country’s white majority. They are using Obama’s black skin color as the best tool to achieve their mistaken political goals.

I compare Obama to Israel political Left. If the political Left in Israel will grab power, the Arab minority, along with the Leftist Obama administration and the Leftist European countries will use Israel’s political Left as their tool to intimidate and silence the Jewish people as a whole and weaken Israel to the point of crossing red line. You can add one and one and see what you get.

Once again, the political menu in Israel is very poor and even dangerous to the existence of the country. On that menu Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be the best, among the worst, item. My advice to every Israeli, do not vote for err.

Vote security, vote Likud-Bayit Yehudi-The Jewish Home so Israel is strong, not turns to be an appeaser to her foes and LOSE big. All else that causes the Israeli society belly ache can be dealt with and corrected as a united nation, knowing full well what is at stake.

On Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldier and for all those who sacrificed their life for the freedom of Israel we must mention the undergrounds’ fighters who fought for Israel to be, a state where Jews could live and sing their national anthem, Hatikvah. So think, if not us, the Israeli-Jews, then who?

About the Author
Nurit is an advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States and the Free World in general and sees Israel and the United States, equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom. Since 2006, she has been writing about events in these two countries. From Southern California, Nurit believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.