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Israel’s 62nd Day of War

62 days into the war, 88 of our troops killed, almost 400 killed since the morning of October 7th with thousands of others injured.

The news this morning seems to indicate that we have surrounded the Gaza home of the main architect of the October 7th massacre and, hopefully, that will prove to be true.

But the story of the war is told in the human experiences of the people it has affected.

My colleague at EDI posted the following piece on linkedin and I thought that today, as I travel to the US for a family event, I would share his words with you…..they follow here:

I had the great privilege of hearing from the amazing Jon and Rachel Goldberg Polin this morning. Jon & Rachel’s son Hersh was kidnapped and badly injured by the evil Hamas on October 7th.

Jon and Rachel reminded us that today is day 61 of this incredible tragedy and that the 138 hostages are still being kept from their families.

They reminded us that the hostages are #Christian and #Buddhist and
#Muslim and yes #Jewish.

They reminded us that those being held in miserable conditions are #American and #European and #Asian and #African

They reminded us that those being kept in unbearable conditions are citizens of 33 countries and yes that includes Israel.

Jon and Rachel reminded us that the captives being imprisoned by barbarians are white and black and brown and yellow.

They reminded us that every hostage regardless of their religion, regardless of their nationality, regardless of the color of their skin must be released and returned to their families.

They reminded us that the work being done by the #United States, by #Israel and by many other countries “is not working well enough – it is not working fast enough.”

They reminded us that the 138 hostages, including Hersh, “must be out this afternoon, they all do.”

Rachel and Jon reminded us that “Congress is going on break – we are not going on break” and are promoting the ONE MINUTE A DAY campaign to save lives. If you are American use the link to easily contact your elected officials in Washington. If you are not American – take a few minutes and get in touch with your representatives and remind them that the hostages must be brought home.

Lastly, Jon and Rachel reminded us that in this season of light there is hope – there is hope if moral and thinking people speak up and take action.

Learn about the Planet of Tears that Rachel, Jon and the families of all of the hostages are living on and #BringHershHome #BringthemHome #BringThemHomeNow.

I could not have said it better. As we light the first candle of Chanukah tonight, the holiday that marks the rededication of the Temple after the defeat of the Greeks, let’s hope that the light will bring a new perspective on the war and bring us to a victorious conclusion. May it be so.

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Sherwin Pomerantz is a native New Yorker, who lived and worked in Chicago for 20 years before coming to Israel in 1984. An industrial engineer with advanced degrees in mechanical engineering and business, he is President of Atid EDI Ltd., a 32 year old Jerusalem-based economic development consulting firm which, among other things, represents the regional trade and investment interests of a number of US states, regional entities and Invest Hong Kong. A past national president of the Association of Americans & Canadians in Israel, he is also Former Chairperson of the Board of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies and a Board Member of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce. His articles have appeared in various publications in Israel and the US.