Jack Molad

Israel’s Army – One of a Kind

Israel’s army (IDF – Israel Defense Force) has always been one of a kind among the world’s armies. Now as well, there are several reasons for that phenomenon.

First, it is a family affair. Every young man and woman must serve for a period of two or more years; therefore, almost every family has experienced the army at one time or another. This bind and sense of belonging also creates an atmosphere in which everyone feels personally affected by the actions of the IDF. The army also provides a social bond between soldiers that lasts a lifetime. Where else in the world might you see off-duty soldiers, men and women, carrying machine guns in shopping malls, restaurants, and in the streets?

Another interesting fact is that Israel’s army is highly educated. It is extremely advanced in technology and has top minds serving in special units to support the army in battle. The IDF is well-known for its intelligence surveillance where they can pinpoint enemy targets from high above.

Next, we can see that many casualties in the current war are officers. Unlike most armies in which the generals give orders to their battalion from the rear, ranked Israelis lead their soldier in battle. Therefore, they are the first to fall, contributing to this tragic phenomenon.

In spite of all the accusations that blame Israel’s army of killing civilians, it is in fact humane and one of the only armies which actively avoids killing civilians in battle. This is unlike the Russians who bomb Ukrainian cities and kill civilians on a daily basis – a fact the world chooses to ignore. This sad phenomenon, where only Jews are blamed for defending themselves, is part of history’s longstanding antisemitic drive.

As in all previous wars, Israel’s army will defend its people and its homeland in the current confrontation, in spite of all the international pressure. And once again, we will come out defeating our enemies.

Jack Molad

About the Author
Jack Molad was born in Tel Aviv in 1930 during the British Mandate period and fought with the Haganah. Jack set out for the United States to spread Israeli tradition to Jews in the US. He achieved a masters degree at Saint Louis University and established Hebrew programs for traditional Jewish youth in Saint Louis, Omaha, and Dallas. Jack also founded and led Teen Tours, a summer program in Israel for traditional Jewish teens to experience Israel. Jack returned to Jerusalem in 2021, where he resides with many of his children and grandchildren.
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