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Israel’s FinTech Startups: Supporting Local Companies

Israel is a FinTech giant, with over 500 fintech startups. The country’s booming with innovation, and many fintech companies, some you probably already use, are making an impact on today’s financial world.

These companies are important.

You can help these homegrown companies through more than just investing. Use their services, apply for jobs within the companies and help spread the word about their services. Tel Aviv has 430+ fintech companies offering everything, from fundraising services to digital banking.

Venture capitalists are pouring millions of dollars into these companies, with estimates a year ago at $650 million. This number has likely increased by a lot in the last year with help from some of the world’s largest lenders, like Barclays and Citibank.

FinTech companies are disrupting traditional lending companies such as MoneyKey as well as payment processing, as we’re seeing with Payoneer.

That leads us right into the first company you need to know about and use to support Israel’s startups:


Payoneer was founded in 2005, and the company has flourished, with over $200 million in revenue in 2017. The money transform platform allows money to be transferred across the biggest sites in the world:

  • Airbnb
  • Amazon
  • Fiverr

Freelancers are using the service to collect funds. People in all countries can use the services from Payoneer. Yuval Tal founded the company, which now has over 12 offices and 700 employees. If you see the option to pay for something using Payoneer, support a local company and do It.


OurCrowd is a powerhouse of a company, and they’re a lot different than most companies you’ve come across. The business has raised $650 million, with 8,500 companies vetted and 145 portfolio companies. OurCrowd has 25,000 registered investors.

But what do they do?

It’s a global crowd-investing platform. Accredited investors are able to crowd invest in businesses around the world. The company has rapidly grown to over seven offices across the world. They also have investment funds with hundreds of millions of dollars in it.

If you plan on investing and meet the requirements of OurCrowd, it’s an opportunity to support one of Israel’s hottest startups.


CreditPlace is based on Tel Aviv, and the platform acts as a per-to-peer investment platform. Plans to expand are in the works, and the company allows you to invest in receivables you want to finance. Businesses can use the platform to secure the money they need, too.

The platform has 200 investors and had financed €55 million so far over 2,300+ receivables.

A short-term investment, money is repaid in four months, and the platform has had zero defaults to date. Returns are high, too.

These are the leading fintech companies in Israel, but there are many more, too. MyCheck is a great mobile payment solution, while BioCatch is high-tech company that powers web banking platforms and mobile platforms to protect against malware and other potential risks.

Israel’s fintech businesses can use your help, so if you’re like me and want to help local companies flourish, start using their services and contributing to their success.

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