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Israel’s Journalists in Washington

I noticed this exchange during a press briefing at the State Department yesterday provided by Marie Harf:

QUESTION: I just wanted to ask on the Palestinian issue real quickly.

MS. HARF: Yes.

QUESTION: I wonder if you followed up on the arrest of the Palestinian legislator, the female Palestinian legislator Khaleda Jarrar.

MS. HARF: I don’t have anything more for you than yesterday, Said.

QUESTION: I also wanted to bring your attention, today the Israelis raided a house and actually handed over a warrant – like an arrest warrant for a child 11 years old, that has agreed to go and turn himself into the (inaudible) at the settlement of (inaudible). I wonder if you have any comment on (inaudible).

MS. HARF: I hadn’t seen that. Let me check with our folks. That’s helpful. Thank you. Thank you, I’ll check. Yes.

And I thought to myself: how many Israeli journalists based there attended the conference? How many attend on a regular basis? And how many ask similar up-front, challenging,questions that push the agenda of Israel and Zionism?

Questions about what Arabs are doing? What they are doing to Israeli? What they are doing to their fellow Arabs? Items from Palestine Media Watch?

Like mothers celebrating the death of their children. Or violence against women in Gaza. Religious incitement hatred. Jerusalem denial aspects.

Are these journalists too objective?  Embarrassed?  Ashamed?  In opposition to their country?

Why shouldn’t these problems be pushed?

Have you any examples that thwart my assumption that the arena there at the State Department press briefing room is abandoned by correspondents who represent Israeli media?


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