Josia Nakash
Founder, Good Vibe Agency

Israel’s Nation-State Bill Was Formed Thousands of Years Ago

Our political leaders have left the building but thankfully there is one person in Israel who is making a lot of sense.

The world’s foremost Kabbalist, Michael Laitman, can shed much light on the situation in Israel, the Middle East and the entire world.

In the words of Michael Laitman:

We already have a nation-state bill from thousands of years ago. It is the unity that we had in that same nation when it was founded and where the people of Israel came to be. And that same unity is our law. The nation of Israel is an assembly of all the people in the world, all types from all kinds of nationalities, except that they unite according to the law of ‘Love thy neighbor as yourself”.

It has nothing to do with being born to a Jewish mother, rather only a person’s desire to live in unity and mutual guarantee.  If you have that and want to promote all of humanity toward this, then you are Israel.

If we go along with this natural law that created us, then we won’t have any problems – not with our neighbors or any country in the world. People will join us by the millions and perhaps the whole world and everyone will understand the uniqueness – this special thing – about being from Israel.

(English translation starts after the Hebrew)

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