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Israel’s nation state law, a replay of Jewish history

Obviously, words and prophecies of the Torah haven’t in a long while had a more national replay in modern times, than could be seen with the Jewish nation-state law enacted by the Knesset just few days ago.

Only a century ago, Israel existed as a shadow of its former self, and a tattered fragment of its own identity, been exiled from point to points amidst the accusing fingers of antisemites, religious extremists and most recently the Nazis whose undertaking of the Holocaust formed the climax of such hate.

As it was during the earliest times of the Jewish regathering in 539 BC led by Nehemiah, while the world concerned herself with the intrigues and numerous happenings within the then Persian empire, it took a declaration from Cyrus the Persian king to initiate a moment in Jewish history which paved the way for the rebuilding of Jerusalem.

Consequently, as detailed by Nehemiah, during this period of Jerusalem rebuilding, the Ammonites and the Arabians chiefly led by Sanballat and Tobiah, not only remostrated the move but even sent letters to the Persian king seeking to stop the rebuilding process. Futhermore, they armed certain vile folks like themselves, in  view of making an assault on the Jews who were rebuilding. These actions of theirs prompted Nehemiah to proclaim that all Jews arm themselves and remain prepared for combat even while carrying out the rebuilding exercise.

It is not suprising that this ancient Jewish history, which began again to be replayed first with the official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by President Donald Trump of the US thus paving a way for the rellocation of the American embassy to Jerusalem, have begun again to be repeated, but this time around on a seemingly positive/controversial note.

Just as it was in the time of Nehemiah where Cyrus declaration was met by agitations from the Arabs, this time around, President Trumps declaration was met with the stiffest opposition by the Palestinians and other Arabs, with the palestinian liberation organisation (PLO) moving over to the UN in order to secure the condemnation of Israel while supporting terror attacks against her, amidst denying the Jewish right to a homeland and sovereignty.

However, as it was in the time of Nehemiah wherein the Jews had to arm themselves with physical weapons, so also this time, the Jews have had to arm themselves with an entrenchment of their rights to freedom, existence and a homeland, and this done democratically through the agency of the Knesset.

Without reasonable doubts, just as it happened during the time of Nehemiah and Ezra, wherein certain anti-Jewish elements fomented troubles both by spreading ill reports ‘to’ and ‘about’ the Jewish leadership and population, so also it now seem even with the fallout from the Jewish nation-state law.

While some Arabs sounds trumpets of ‘death to democracy’ and ‘entrenchment of discrimination,’ of which the law never in anyway enshrined or sought to enshrine, it must be noted that this law gives a death blow to the crux of the Arab anti-semitic remostration; which is the denial of the Jewish right to a homeland, and the battle against the existence of a Jewish state, which in essence seals both the resolve and historicity of the State of Israel.

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S Ovwata Onojieruo is a Theologian, Political Scientist and Philosopher, whose Research interest spans across the areas of Legal theory, Political Philosophy, Social Epistemology, International Politics and International Relations theory. He currently functions as a Post-graduate Researcher, and Tutorial assistant with the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and can be reached on twitter @OvwataS
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