Jack Molad

Israel’s No-win Situation

Ever since the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (a relatively small terror group) broke away from Hamas a few years ago, the group opened their own line of supplies with Iran, primarily in money and arms. With these tools at their disposal, the group started to shell Israel, making their independence worthy of Iran’s support.

It is obvious what the PIJ is going to extract following Israel’s targeted attacks in Gaza. As in all previous confrontations, they will shoot rockets from within civilian populations, thereby causing civilian casualties. Displaying the civilian casualties in front of CNN and other world reporters is just what PIJ aims to do. Understandably, pictures of dead and wounded civilians arouse the world’s outcry and bring condemnation against Israel. In this way, the Palestinians win again. One more problem with the periodic exchanges of fire is that the terror groups have little or nothing to lose. After all, Gaza is already in a sad state and further destruction will only help portray them as victims.

Israel therefore finds itself in a difficult, albeit familiar, position. On the one hand, it must act to fully stop terror and harm against its people. On the other hand, international pressure and condemnation is a sure result of doing this. It is therefore a no-win situation. The world has proven that it is more interested in supporting a victim’s plight, rather than understand the terrorist ways in which they are involved. In short, the world sees a lopsided conflict where Israel is always the aggressor.

Israel’s no-win situation has been part of our struggle from the very beginning. Whether in Israel or abroad, our people have had to fight uphill battles which were seemingly hopeless throughout time. Today, this has taken the form of terrorism at home and antisemitism abroad. In the end, Israel and the Jews will overcome in order to come out on top, as is our history.

Jack Molad

About the Author
Jack Molad was born in Tel Aviv in 1930 during the British Mandate period and fought with the Haganah. Jack set out for the United States to spread Israeli tradition to Jews in the US. He achieved a masters degree at Saint Louis University and established Hebrew programs for traditional Jewish youth in Saint Louis, Omaha, and Dallas. Jack also founded and led Teen Tours, a summer program in Israel for traditional Jewish teens to experience Israel. Jack returned to Jerusalem in 2021, where he resides with many of his children and grandchildren.
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