Israel’s Take on Cybersecurity May Thwart Future Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is serious, and it’s a form of malware that will prevent users from accessing files or personal computers until a “ransom” is made. When the ransom is paid, the malware is unlocked and access to the file or system is restored.

When this happens on a government computer or a business computer, this can be a very serious threat.

Viruses that cause the ransomware to be installed can be created all over the world, with Russia and Ukraine known to send attacks to Israeli companies. In fact, in 2017 ransomware hit numerous Israeli companies in a wave of cyberattacks on corporate and government computers.

Parents also need to pay attention to these threats because attacks on people’s personal computers have also been reported.

The “Petrwrap” virus hit Israeli companies hard in 2017, and over 2,000 users were attacked around the world. Security solutions were to be checked, and backup solutions were put in place to ensure that systems could be restored if compromised.

Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency, stated in Tel Aviv that it had helped prevent some 2,000 cyberattacks between 2016 and mid-2017. Prevention is easier than ransomware removal, which may require system restores, lost data or expensive removals.

Shortly after the massive cyberattack a year prior, Amit Serper, a researcher for Cybereason, found a way that activation could be blocked for some ransom software.

Serper’s findings led to the realization that the ransomware would do a self-check that would try and locate a file that is made when the ransomware is deployed on the system. Replicating this file could allow the ransomware to not install itself a second time.

The WannaCry software, in the past, was found to have a “kill switch” that prevented the ransomware from being activated.

Serper claimed that his solution was a “vaccine” and that it wasn’t a kill switch that would stop the ransomware from activating.

Israel is a leader in cybersecurity, and a lot of this has to do with government interference, which has allowed a 5-year plan to respond to cyber threats. The government’s plan was developed in such a way that it would allow for action to threats that were also unpredicted.

Constantly evolving and changing, many startups have also entered the industry, helping strengthen Israel’s grasp on the cybersecurity industry.

Israel viewed the industry as an economic growth engine, so funds were created for the industry and policies were made to support the security industry. The IDF has also acted as an incubator for many startups.

The IDF trains many to be security experts, and one can see this with the IDF Unit 8200. The 8200 unit has been used as an accelerator and incubator for many startups in the cybersecurity industry.

Israel’s take on cybersecurity, making it a top priority, has allowed the country to enter the $82 billion market as an industry leader.

Offering a dynamic culture, Israel has also started to invest in human capital. Cybersecurity education now begins in middle school, so it’s a field that Israel is helping people enter from a young age. And it’s this approach which will allow Israel to stop future ransomware attacks and cyberattacks.

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