The Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy is preparing the next generation of Jews for the task to continue the Jewish nation.

In February 2014 Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregation of the Commonwealth, now carrying the title [British] Lord, and his wife Lady Elaine, along with them the Shabbaton Choir

visited southern California as guests of the Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy in Beverly Hills California, and attended a Shabbat of Achdut-Unity.

Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in Los Angeles-Photo by Orly Halevy
Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in Los Angeles-Photo by Orly Halevy

As a modern orthodox Zionist school, part of Hillel’s mission is to bring the community together; praise needs to be given to Rabbi Y. Boruch Sufrin, the head of the academy who spearheaded the entire effort.

It was really a memorable weekend. It started at Young Israel of North Beverly Hills synagogue with cocktails and “engaging Jews in the Diaspora” conversation, conducted by Lord Rabbi Sacks, Rabbi Steven Weil, Executive VP of the Orthodox Union and Michael Medved, the author, political commentator and radio host.

I then attended the Shabbat-Saturday morning services at Congregation Beth Jacob, in Beverly Hills, conducted by several Chazanim-cantors and the musical magic of the Shabbaton Choir.

Rabbi Sacks is a wise man. His thoughts are profound and his words penetrate deep. I sincerely hope that some of his wisdom that I heard remains etched in my memory.

For instance, the Rabbi spoke about the Bible’s chapters of creation, in the Book of Genesis and the long Biblical chapter, at the end of Exodus, in which there is the instructions for the Israelites on how to build a home for the Ark and the Ten Commandment tablets that were stored in it.

“How many verses does it take God to create the universe: 34 verses. How many verses does it take the Israelites to build the Mishkan-Tabernacle, 600 verses. It took the Israelites 20 times as long to build the Mishkan as it took the Almighty to create the universe.” The Rabbi’s explanation. It is not difficult for infinite, omnipotent, creator to create a home for human beings. What is difficult is for frail, fallible, finite, human beings to create a home for G-d,” therefore, the micro-detailed instructive chapter.

Rabbi Sacks delivered a Shabbat morning service sermon its context was elating.

I elected to cite from it as following.

“How to turn the Israelites from an arguing, dividing people into a single unified nation? You do that by asking them to give and by asking them to build something together. It is not what G-d does for us that changes us. G-d did everything for the Israelites and it did not change them.

It is what we do for G-d that changes us. And if you want to create real aptness, you have to get the people together, ask them to give and build something together. That is, in my humble opinion, why you are able to celebrate this Shabbat of unity. Because you got together and build and create.

“Go out and create a Mishkan-Sanctuary. Do the Jewish deeds for the world to see. And to be a Jew is to be the ambassador of Hakadosh Baruch Hu-the Almighty, in the world.

“How many movies were made about how Jews DIED? Many! How many were made about how Jews live? We have become the billionaires. When are we going to see this incredible technology, a gift from G-d, used in a new and exciting way that every Jew in the world can learn Torah, so that every Jew in the world can feel connected?

“Not since the golden age in Spain, 800 years ago, have we collectively had a chance, handed to us from heaven, to build and create and that will lead our people to have pride. Let us teach our children to be builders, together, so they will turn American Jewry into a Mishkan-sanctuary where everyone can feel the presence of the Shchina-Divine. Let us go from here and from this day on and become a blessing to G-d, to the Jewish people and a blessing to the world. Amen!”

The weekend ended with a magnificent 65 years to Hillel celebration and a farewell to the honorable guests gala event at the Hilton Universal City hotel.

What I learned from this weekend’s events is that for the Jewish people to go from strength to strength, they must teach their culture and empower and inspire Judaism. That 14 rabbis sitting together and three Chazanim-cantors singing together is what you call the Jewish Dream Team.

The list of the people who made this well organized community come together possible is long, about whom could be said, what a Rabbinical Lordship weekend that was!

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