Elizabeth Browder

It disgusts me

Today I read an article ( that made me very sad.

I do not hate any faith. I respect one’s right to worship any way they wish. I don’t care if you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, whatever. I just ask that you don’t try and force your faith down my throat. I also believe that a house of worship should be a refuge, a place where someone can get some peace, no matter what your faith. Attacking people inside a place of worship is a disgusting act.

What makes this worse is this was an act of antisemitism. The “protestors” attacked the synagogue under to guise of not liking the polices of Israel. I guess the protestors dont know that 20% of Israel’s population is not Jewish. It is called a “Jewish state”, not a Jewish only state. Yes, it disgusts me that a synagogue was attacked so violently. It affects me down to the depths of my soul. I guess I will never under antisemitism, and I am very glad of that.

7/13/2014–It has been reported that the protestors were shouting “death to Jews”. There are no words to sufficiently convey my disgust and horror. No one should shout “Death to” any religion, race, sexual orientation. This is anti semitism at its most evil.

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