It is ultimately Israel’s fault

Let me make one thing clear from the start, when I say it is Israel’s fault, I mean Israel the people, not Israel the nation. Ultimately, where we are is not so much the fault of the nations of the world, as the fault of our people — from here in Israel, from Jerusalem, the heart of the people, to the farthest reaches of the planet…wherever there is a Jew today, you share in causing the problems we Jews face today.

Someone on Facebook is complaining about our new government. Israelis are complaining about the new government. From left to right, secular to religious, no one is really happy about this formation. It is the government we deserve, if not the government we want. We earned it because in a democracy that is thriving and alive and well, this is what we voted for. Not all nations make good choices. I’ll remind you that Americans voted in Barack Hussein Obama — twice, for God’s sake!

But it is our government, ours. Ethiopians justifiably are upset about their status in our country and though violence is not the answer, they responded to violence with violence. The offending and offensive officer has been fired and I hope that will offer the Ethiopian community satisfaction. No, I don’t condone the violent demonstrations (just as the organizers of the protests similarly condemned it) but within our country, we will handle it and we don’t need John Kerry, who apparently likens himself to Churchill and Abraham Lincoln, commenting. Did the Foreign Minister of Israel ask for the US to account for rioting in Boston, Los Angeles or Chicago?

Did American Jews rise up and demand Kerry and the Obama administration leave Israel to solve Israel’s problems while they focus on the massive social, economic and political problems America faces? Or did they fall all over themselves to fall in line and look across the sea and ask Israel what it is doing? The “You People” Syndrome is rampant among American Jews — you people over there in Israel are embarrassing American Jews by demanding that Jonathan Pollard be free. You people over there in Israel are endangering Jewish lives in Europe by fighting in Gaza.

We people over here in Israel push back the thought that you people in the United States and Europe are quickly losing the memory of who and what you are. Gone are some of my cousins, erased…self-erased from the heart of the people of Israel. Where they may remain, their children are in imminent danger of “self-erasement.”

A woman in America writes to complain about Israel’s Rabbanut (Rabbinic Authorities) and its standards. She urges that the Israeli Rabbanut be dismantled and that all non-Jews who want to be considered Jewish be allowed to be treated as Jews…how’s that working in the States, I want to ask her? I can tell you from my personal family, not so well.

I don’t have a single cousin today who is likely to know that today is Yom Yerushalayim or the 43rd day of the Omer, or even what the Omer is. Shavuot…not likely. The three weeks? Nine days? Tisha B’Av…gone, all gone. None of my cousins…not a one will fast on Tisha B’Av and mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem…not a one.

Let me start with a problem for today. If Jerusalem is not in your heart today of all days — Yom Yerushalayim, if you didn’t even know today WAS the day that after 2,000 years, Jerusalem was fully restored to the Jewish people, that is why you are where you are.

Calling Jerusalem the capital of the State of Israel was a mistake. It applied a term that others use and so we can’t blame them if, at best, they see Jerusalem in terms of a Washington, a Paris, a London. Of course, most countries of the world refuse to even give Jerusalem that status. The idiots think Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel, and that too is our problem. But the fact that Jews themselves think of Jerusalem as little more than the “capital” of Israel is our fault and a symptom of our greatest flaw.

Jerusalem is the eternal center of the people of Israel. It has been and always will be ours. No one prays towards Washington (except Hillary Clinton). No one turns to London three times a day and begs the Lord to bless his people. We have been turning to Jerusalem for every day for over 3,000 years. Every step we take is in this direction, every reference we make to home is here.

Jerusalem is, to most American Jews, not much more than Israel’s capital. Why don’t they know it is also our heart? The nations who call themselves friends of Israel will recognize Jerusalem is our “capital” and put their embassies in Tel Aviv. That is their ignorance, ours is accepting it.

Today, Jerusalem is celebrating and all of Israel is sharing in the joy. In 1967, we begged Jordan not to enter the war that was beginning. A war that was predetermined by Egypt closing the Straits of Tiran and Nasser promising, yet again, to obliterate us. It was a war that was coming because Syria was mobilizing and threatening and so we decided that twice before we had allowed them to attack us with the hope that they would come to their senses and choose peace.

They didn’t. They chose war in 1948. They chose war in 1956 and they chose war in 1967, even if we preempted their attack. But the reunification was completely and entirely a result of Arab aggression. Jordan was begged not to enter a war that was to target the two nations preparing to make war against us.

Jordan answered that they would fight with their brothers…and they did. And, like their brothers, they lost and Jerusalem once again became ours.

That Jews around the world are not dancing in every synagogue, in every home, and in their hearts, is our fault as a people. When Jerusalem is the capital in our all our hearts, only then will the world begin to recognize that Jerusalem is indeed the eternal, reunited, undivided capital of the Jewish people AND the Jewish State of Israel.

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Paula R. Stern is CEO of WritePoint Ltd., a leading technical writing company in Israel. Her personal blog, A Soldier's Mother, has been running for more than 5 years. She lives in Maale Adumim with her husband and children, a dog, too many birds, and a desire to write her thoughts and dream of a trip to Italy, Scotland, and beyond.
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