It’s a good sign when Ken Livingstone backs you in an anti-Semitism row

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Labour has been ensnared in a months-long row around anti-Semitism, with no sign that it will end any time soon. But according to Ken Livingstone, that expert on the matter, there is only one man for the job of tackling anti-Semitism across Britain. A man with a long history of handling the issue extremely well: Jeremy Corbyn. In an interview on Sky News – in which Livingstone covered the usual topics of Hitler and the Jews – he had this to say:

‘I’d be prepared to bet you now 100 quid that once we get a Jeremy Corbyn government, by the end of that government, anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia will all have declined quite significantly.’

If Corbyn’s attempt so far to straddle the divide in the Labour party and end its problem with anti-Semitism, is anything to go by, I say so far so good.


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