It’s all about that Group

At the beginning of this week’s parsha GOD commands the Jewish people to build the Mishkan. When GOD commands Moshe to instruct the Jewish people to build the Mishkan GOD does so by using the language of Vayakhel (literally translated as to gather) emphasizing how Moshe needs to gather the Jewish people to build the Mishkan as a collective whole.

The Shem Meshmuel (as told to me by my Rebbe at YU Rav Herschel Reichman Shlitta) learns that GOD commanding Moshe to use the language of gathering when instructing the Jewish people to build the mishkan teaches us about the significance of our relationship to the Jewish people as a whole and our collective role as part of our holy people.

In just a few weeks we will be celebrating Pesach were we declare in the Haggadah that “all who are hungry let them come eat.” From here we see the importance of including all members of the Jewish no matter what their economic status maybe at our Pesach Seder.

May we merit to concentrate on our collective membership as part of the greater Jewish people as a whole going into Pesach, on Pesach, and please GOD into the coming of the Moschiach may he come speedily in our days.

Good Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom, Gut Shabbes-Gidon Herschander

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Gidon Herschander made aliyah in August 2015 and currently lives in Jerusalem Israel. He loves Torah, living in Israel, engaging and posting via social media, and blogging about Aliyah, Life In Israel, Torah, Being young and a variety of other topics