It’s also Holocaust denial

Iran’s Foreign Minister confirms there was a Holocaust and denies it’s significance for Jews in one short statement.

The world’s media has now realised a tweet wishing Jews a happy Rosh Hashona (new year) was not actually from an account controlled by Iran’s new president. They just couldn’t help themselves but want to believe it.

Now they’re reporting that Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who really is on Twitter and Facebook, has also wished Jews “Happy Rosh Hashanah”.

That’s nice. This account has been confirmed as authentic with a phone call from CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

Now the Times of Israel and other sites are reporting that Zarif has written the following on Facebook:

“We condemn the massacre of Jews by the Nazis, and we condemn the massacre of Palestinians by the Zionists,” he wrote.

Aside from the fact that I can’t find it on his timeline (Facebook link here) some are claiming this is a refutation of Holocaust denial.

It is not. That statement is also Holocaust denial.

Holocaust denial is much more than denying any type of genocide took place under the Nazis. It is a wide spectrum of views that downplay the significance of the event, minimise the numbers killed, proposes Jews were not the overwhelming target of the slaughter and many other mendacious lies.

By linking the very real Nazi genocide to the complete fabrication of a genocide against Arabs by Jews in Israel, he does all of the above. He is denying the Nazi Holocaust while appearing to accept it.

It’s embarrassing that so many in the media can’t see this for what it is.

UPDATE 8th Sept:

In case you thought the Iranian regime didn’t hate Jews, take a look at this Press TV report on Israellycool.

UK Prince acts Jew at rabbi inaugural

Britain’s Prince Charles has raised eyebrows, attending the induction ceremony of UK’s new chief Rabbi while wearing a Jewish skullcap.

Aside from snatching the title of the first British royal to attend the inaugural of a chief rabbi, the heir to the British throne put on display his most explicit ever show of allegiance with the jews, wearing a yarmulke adorned with the Prince of Wales’s official emblem of feathers.

Read the rest at Israellycool.

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