Encourage non-violent violent Islam now – It’s later than we think

Connecting the dots from the book “Why Israel?” to the Nairobi shopping mall massacre to South Africa’s terror alert and to a fresh theologically valid interpretation of the Quran.

According to the Sunday Independent of September 29, Intelligence sources told the Johannesburg newspaper that South Africa had been placed on a high security alert that escalated to level 4, color-coded orange. Only a red alert is more intensive South Africa.

This development should not have come as a surprise. On May 14, State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele told SABC that government intelligence had information linking some South Africans to extremist groups such as Al Shabaab operating in Somalia and during his budget speech vote in Parliament he said several South African citizens were actively linked to international terror organizations, in particular al-Qaeda and that military training for al-Qaeda was being carried out in South Africa

In spite of the above severe threats the recently published book in South Africa, titled “Why Israel?” supports the violent policy of Hamas as declared in the Hamas charter and as confirmed by Hamas leader Khaled Mashal who said recently: “Jihad and armed resistance is the only way”. It is worrying that the enthusiastic approval of this book by some eminent journalists implies approval of the terror organization Al Shabab which claims responsibility for the recent Nairobi massacre.

But there is a better way. Dr. Tawfik Hamid, is an Islamic thinker, reformer and one time member of the terrorist Islamic organization JI together with Dr. Ayman Al-Zawaherri who later  became second in command of Al-Qaeda. Some twenty-five years ago, Dr. Hamid recognized the threat of Radical Islam and the need for a reformation based upon modern peaceful interpretations of classical Islamic core texts and he has provided a fresh and theologically valid interpretation for the Quran to counterbalance the radical teaching.

Let’s connect the dots

Hams has been declared a terrorist organization by the EU, the USA, Canada and Japan. It is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) which is linked to al-Qaeda and which, according to several news reports is linked to the Somali terrorist group Al Shabab. A BBC profile of the MB states that Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda were inspired by one of MB’s prominent members Sayyid Qutbad.

According to Dr. Hamid, one of the basic tenets of radical Islam is to offer Non Muslims three options: subjugate to Islam, pay Jizia (a humiliating tax), or be killed.

Very sadly Dr Hamid’s analysis proved to be uncannily accurate when the Nairobi mall attackers announced that only non-Muslims were their targets. Shoppers who tried to leave were asked by the terrorists to name the Prophet Mohammed’s mother. If they failed to give her correct name, Amina, they were shot dead. After Muslim shoppers had left the mall, the terrorists reportedly threw grenades and fired AK-47s.

Moreover, on August 22, the Daily Beast reported that the MB is engaged in a full-scale terror campaign against Egypt’s Christian minority. They incite attacks on Christian homes, shops, schools and churches throughout the country in the worst violence against the Coptic Church since the 14th century. And Catholic World News reported that in the Egyptian city of Dalga which has been taken over by the MB, Christians live in terror. Churches have been attacked, a monastery burned and Jizya, the special tax on non-Muslims has been imposed on the 15,000 Coptic Christians who remain in Dalga.

Not only Christians but all non-Muslims are threatened by radical Islamic rule. Freemasons, Rotary clubs, Lions and similar organizations should also beware as the Hamas Charter promises to obliterate these organizations.

In the Kindle book “Shariah The Threat to America” top security experts explain how MB shares the objectives of the violent jihadists but believe that for the moment, stealthier means of jihad are likely to prove more effective.

Supporters of Hamas and by implication its terror links beware! The threat is not confined to the Middle East or Asia. It has become global. A new alert by the US said attackers could use a variety of tactics, including suicide operations, assassinations, kidnappings, hijackings and bombings. Potential targets could be high-profile sporting events, residential areas, business offices, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, schools, public areas, shopping malls and other tourist destinations

The authors of the book “Why Israel?” are prominent members of The Media Review Network (MRN), a well funded South African Muslim advocacy organization that employs skilled personnel to maintain rapport with journalists, editors and key opinion formers. It engages articulate spokespersons to promote its objectives on radio, TV and print media and it holds seminars and workshops to train Muslims in the specialized fields of journalism.

Unfortunately support by MRN of Hamas and by implication the MB, al-Qaeda and al-Shabab encourages the growing terror links in South Africa and internationally.

But there is a better way.

With its wide outreach and impressive communication facilities, MRN could make a valuable contribution to a more peaceful world if, instead of supporting the violent elements of radical Islam like Hamas and MB, it would adopt the constructive approach of Dr Hamid who says

It is vital that the Muslim world start distinguishing between the historical violent and discriminatory practices of Islamic Caliphate and the Quran as a source for the religion. Many of the former inhumane practices against Non- Muslim minorities are actually against the Quran and insisting on doing them under the banner of Islam is not only against the teaching of Quran but can also ignite a war of civilizations

..  This is a crucial time for true moderates to come to the table and do something to prevent the escalation of the endless cycle of hatred that can drag our civilization to a dark future”.

Click here to download a free E-book by Dr. Hamid on “Understanding radicalized Islam 2009-201”

About the Author
Maurice Ostroff is a founder member of the international Coalition of Hasbara Volunteers, better known by its acronym CoHaV, (star in Hebrew), a world-wide umbrella organization of volunteers active in combating anti-Israel media and political bias and in promoting the positive side of Israel His web site is at www.maurice-ostroff.org