It’s Love, Not Hate That Unites Us!

Current Thoughts in Current Times

It is said of Michelangelo that when he carved his remarkable statue of David he was conscious not of creating it but of uncovering it. He could already see a David there, present in the uncured rock.

Today, in post-Holocaust Jewish theology you will find the same question. What unites the Jewish world now, with all our disagreements and denominational fragmentation?

Their answer is usually this: What links the Jewish people today is memories of the Holocaust, fears of Antisemitism, and its new, virulent form which questions Jewish existence in Israel. In short, what unites us as a people is that many hate us.

What unites us is not those that hate us, but that G-d loves us; every one of us is touched by the Divine presence and together we can build a world of righteousness worthy of being a home for G-d.

Indeed, within every of us there is something unique, yet something that is all too easily eclipsed. Paramount to this perspective is to always see the virtue in others and let them see themselves in the reflection of our regard, then this will help someone grow to their potential.

This is not done by criticism and negativity, but by searching for the good in others, complimenting it, helping them see it, own it, live it. Each of us have holiness which can lie dormant until someone awakens it. We can all achieve spiritual heights which we never thought ourselves capable.

This is what empowers us. How urgently we need this message today, as we seek together to mend the Jewish world and to bring redemption the world over.

About the Author
Born in London England. Studied at Lubavitch’s Yeshivas in Paris and New York. Chabad Shliach on Long Island.