Its Never Been About Land or Borders

Wow reading the news Yesterday on Tisha B’av really aggravated me. I find it hard to believe that the world still thinks that the Israel Arab conflict is about borders.

Time and time again Israel has given up land for peace and yet nothing has been done. We could give them the entire land of Israel and move to Antarctica and there would still be conflict. This is not about land; this is about Hatred, Pure and utterly blatant hatred for Jews. Nothing more and Nothing less.

If we look at our past all these Romans, Greeks, Persians, Egyptians and Nazis have tried to wipe us out. There reasons were pure hatred. It’s just how the world is, Israel contributes every single day, of every single hour, of every single minute of every single second and yet we are still persecuted.. Israel and the Jewish people are making a difference in the world. What are the surrounding countries doing? They are all having a civil war. Yet they are the ones that accuse Israel of treating other religions like dogs and enslaving people, not allowing freedom in the country. Yet if we look at surrounding countries all they are doing is killing off people who believe differently to them. They are all in a civil war with themselves, as they have finally realised that they have rights.

Time and time again, we hear the words Never Again. These words Disgust me as their always said every year by everyone and by all these political figures, who can actually do something about it but chose to sit at home in their big house and relax while chaos is breaking out. I wish the world would wake up and see that “never again” is happening every day. The death toll in Syria has reached well over 50 000 people and the world carries on. Even one person getting killed should be too many.

The EU needs to wake and realise that all they doing is supporting these terrorists by giving them what they want. Now that Gaza and Judea and Samaria will officially not be a part of Israel, all everyone will be going on about is that Israel just abandons its citizens when its not even Israel’s responsibility anymore. What about the 300 000 Jews living in Judea and Samaria? Where are their rights? Why do they not get to choose? The entire Jewish population is around 12 or 13 million people and yet all they want to do is enclose us into a small little space. Why don’t we act out against them and tell them how they are imprisoning us.

We as Jews need to stand up and protest against the EU. Judea and Samaria is our land occupied by so called ‘Palestinians:’ before 1948 there were close to a million Jews living in the surrounding Arab countries. Today there is not one.
Good Night

About the Author
Gary Aberman is the heart of Zionist youth in South Africa, breaking the news first and getting rid of the lies. He forms part of Betar and is on a mission, to show the world how great Israel is and why he has such a love for the country he calls home.