It’s not so easy

I suppose it is a matter of age. Yes things do change and that is one fact of life and we all know the list – death, illness and disease, means and ability and so on. As I get older I literally can feel that I am slowing down and in general that’s a good thing. I’m conscience that I don’t want everything to pass me by so quickly because all that does is usher in the only real inevitable.

One by-product of this slowing down effect is that I have a second chance to look at things. I don’t accept anything at face value anymore. Stepping back allows me to come to realizations that during the 60 odd years that have past for me I have truly been blind to.

Here is oneĀ of my realizations:

There are bad things: eating something that was once alive, smoking, refusing to act for selfish motives, pretending you are something you are not, hate, apathy and anger, jealousy and complacency.

So what – what now? Well that’s the tough part – it’s not so easy.

About the Author
Howard Burns is 60 years old and married with 2 grown up children. He made Aliya at the age of 22 from England. He is a personal coach and language trainer for executives in companies in Israel and all over the world, and also works with government and municipal executives. He runs seminars in cultural diversity and provides training courses to international companies.