It’s OK to shed a few mom-tears

Here’s the thing: We mothers tend to unite when we talk about our children. Dads love their kids too, but this is something that moms just connect with — our strong feelings on how to raise them, how to balance work and home, what we hope and pray for their future, how we worry for their safety when they cross the street at age 8 and go off to be trained for war at age 18 in this country.

This column is for my fellow moms, dealing with all of our strong emotions for the safety and growth of our children everywhere, and especially those of us who live here in Israel and face some extra worries as we send them off.

This morning was one like any other, where Israel goes back to its workweek early on a Sunday morning.  For the earliest part of my day, see below and feel free to ‘like’ & ‘share’ so it reaches farther and wider.

Mothers across Israel share their feelings. Am Yisrael Chai!

Posted by Mothers Unite Israel on Sunday, 29 July 2018

Ever feel like everyone is doing the same thing you are? I seem surrounded by moms in cars, hugging their boys in uniform.  At home I’m encouraged to generate some good energy by taking advantage of the lull in the heat. Putting on my running clothes, I choose good music vibes and set off to enjoy the still-cool early morning breeze in these Judean hills. Again, seems like the neighborhood is still on parent-kid-mode, taking the little ones to day camp and the big ones to an army base. What a country!

The grapes blossom on the vine, the few lone oaks provide shade and the view down to the coastal plain is breathtaking. I set a decent pace and mindfully breathe in the fresh air and good thoughts. As I imagine my boy on his way to a week of more training to become a fighting machine, I pray that he simply won’t have to.

Have a great, safe, inspiring week.

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