It’s ON; Full combat mode

The last piece I wrote was about Iran and its fanatics and cyber warriors which they call “soft was officers”. I mentioned their affiliation with Iran’s leader, Khamenei, and their dirty tricks to attack Israel, Jewish world and everyone who supports the great state of Israel.

On the other hand, a lot has changed in past few days and tensions have risen up between us and Iranians and threats have been made on both sides which might lead in our belief that the actual and immediate threat is not the cyber warfare but the actual war on the ground but I believe that is a mistake.

Iranians know how powerful we are and they know the free world is on our side so they wouldn’t dare attack us and if a war is in order, it’s going to be wherever and whenever WE decide and not the Iranians. They deserve to be killed and the Earth deserves to be rid of them and their brand of Evil but right now the battlefield is the cyber space and online communities and we should prepare ourselves because they are doing all they can to hurt us.

I talked about their coordinated attacks and how they make the world believe there are millions of people hating us and wanting us out of our ancestors’ homeland which has been, is and always will be our homeland but it’s not true and to let you see and decide for yourselves, I have gathered a few of their hashtags which are nothing but state sponsored attacks, designed and executed by the very same “soft war officers” to hurt Israel, Jewish community and our supporters all around the world. I apologize right now because these are hateful and disgusting statements and some of them are in Farsi and Arabic but I didn’t see the need to mention them because the ones that are in English clearly show the nature of these hashtags and the anti-Israeli agenda behind them, but you should know that they are posting, commenting and working in English, Arabic and Farsi and it’s not just these English ones;






As disturbing as these are, I think the urgency of the matter is quite clear and we can see how such attacks can undermine our peace of mind and how important it is that we respond accordingly so I leave this up to you, my brothers and sisters in arms, just get online and do whatever you can to counter these efforts made by those fanatics.

About the Author
John H. Turner is from NYC, United States. He is a Villanova University student and a strong Republican. He voted for Trump.
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